Archaeologists Discover Lost Civilization Under The Melting Arctic


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Sheets of ice along the Arctic have continued to melt at alarming rates and with that melting has come a new discovery. Archaeologists at a melt site in Norway have discovered a wealth of items that include weapons and shoes among other everyday items. The find is believed to be from thousands of years ago, well before Vikings roamed the area.

As glaciers continue to melt and ice retreats in areas around the world, archaeologists continue to discover new civilizations. As io9 points out, last summer a 10,000 year-old atlatl (a hunting weapon) was found as ice thawed.


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Right off, I've got a couple of thoughts on this.

First, not at all surprising that ruins/remains would be found under melting ice/snow in arctic or antarctic locations. Where there's land, chances are, there were humans and/or animals at some point in history.

On that, is it possible that Atlantis did not fall under the Ocean as we are led to believe, but that the 'water' fell on them from above? That they could have frozen over, perhaps?

And, if they're finding evidence of human existence under all this snow and ice, under what was glacier(s), then doesn't that put all this global warming bullshit that's being spewed all over to rest? Doesn't it prove that the earth isn't supposed to have all that ice on it all the time? Obviously, at one point, it wasn't there. There's evidence of that. They found a leather shoe! And weapons! People used to live there, so it wasn't ice covered then.

You know what I'm starting to think, I'm thinking that the world is going through a natural cycle and reverting back to a point where it once was.

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It does make sense that things like this would be found. I'm sure there are plenty of undiscovered artifacts all over the world in places that are unexpected.

We are a very arrogant society and believe that the way the world is now is the way it has always been, and I have learned over the years that that is not the case at all.

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I have a friend whose parents are archaeologists working in the Antarctic where he was born. They discovered all kinds of amazing things down there, people obviously were living on the Continent at one point, that fact.


Well people live there now, mostly research colonies but they are living there. Makes you wonder what secrets all that ice and snow holds?