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Below is an article of a frozen mammoth found in Siberia with grass still in it’s mouth. This simple fact has baffled scientist along with the fact of what in the heck is a woolly mammoth doing in Siberia in the first place. Mammoths are elephant like creatures that need plenty of vegetation and water in order to survive. A frozen wonderland like Siberia hardly fits the bill. As far as the grass in it’s mouth scientist say, as you will see in the article, it would have taken a flash freeze in order for the grass to have remain intact in it’s mouth or the order of -150 F . Even it the sun would have stopped shinning all of a sudden it wouldn’t have been enough to account for such a dramatic shift in temperature. I propose to you that Nibiru has visited us in the past when you take into account the great flood which was recorded in most every ancient writings along with the cave drawings of the object. What I am proposing is what is know as a pole shift in the earth. Not a magnetic pole reversal which is what scientist want you to believe is going on but an actual tilting of the earth on it’s axis. The mammoth story would account for a polar shift and as you will see in the article that came out in the Huffington Post citing that the sun came up two days early could be explained by the earth tilting southward. Explanations of melting ice and light bending at least for me doesn't account for two days of early sunlight . When Nibiru comes into our solar system and pass around the sun this is exactly what is going to happen. Like a magnet it will attract our south pole to it’s north pole and cause a pole shift.
Now I don’t know about you but I don’t usually think of the Inuit tribesmen as being conspiracy theorist, I mean these guys are just too serious for things like that. They don’t usually giggle too much. So when they start to say things like the sky has changed or they have more time to hunt in the evenings, then maybe it’s time to listen.
Now if you don’t believe anything except what you hear on the news from some guy that comes into your living room every day in a suit, you can view the video on ABC’s broadcast of how the airport runways are being changed in Tampa Florida due to a shift in the magnetic compasses of the airplanes.

When you start to add everything up it doesn’t sound too good. However if you believe that one will be taken and one will be left behind and take into account God’s mercy I think there is definitely hope for most of us, unless you happen to be the kind of folks that start wars and set policies that destroy the family and civilization.

Article About Frozen Mammoth:

Frozen mammoth carcasses found in Siberia have challenged our imagination for centuries. These carcasses sometimes come with skin, hair, and internal organs including the heart.

Reports of these discoveries intrigue adults and children alike, for different reasons. One island in the New Siberian Islands, off the Arctic Ocean coast, is described as mostly mammoth bones. Over the years, a lucrative ivory trade developed as thousands of tons of ivory tusks have been unearthed and exported from Siberia. Scientists struggle to understand why these animals lived in Siberia and how they died. Children love stories of frozen carcasses with meat fresh enough to eat.

Many questions arise as a result of these strange discoveries. Why would the woolly mammoth, bison, woolly rhinoceros, and horse be attracted to Siberia? Today, Siberia is a barren, blizzard-scourged wilderness. How could the animals have endured the extremely cold winters? What would they eat? Where would the beasts locate the prodigious quantities of water they require when the land is imprisoned in snow and ice? Even the rivers are covered with several feet of ice every winter. Most puzzling of all is how did the mammoths and their companions die en masse and how could they have become encased in the permafrost?

Over time, various clues about the environment at the time of their death have been discovered and studied. Scientists found partially preserved stomach vegetation in some of the carcasses and so could identify the woolly mammoth’s last meal. Solving one mystery just leads to another. They wondered how the stomach contents remained half decayed while the animals froze? This is a problem since it takes a long time to freeze an animal as large as an elephant. A quick freeze came to mind. Birds Eye Frozen Foods Company ran the calculations and came up with a staggering -150°F (-100°C). Once again, the scientists were puzzled. How could such temperatures be reached on earth, especially when apparently they were in a fairly temperate environment before the quick freeze?

Many theories have been postulated. One of the most popular is that the hairy elephants were peacefully grazing on grass and buttercups and were suddenly struck by a huge freezing storm blowing from the Arctic Ocean. Millions of them froze instantly. This kind of quick freeze has never been observed, so some special and imaginative ideas have been proposed. One question seems to always lead to another. This story is based on the Beresovka mammoth that was excavated and shipped back to St. Petersburg, Russia, overland during a heroic expedition led by Otto Herz and E. Pfizenmayer. The expedition started in the late spring of 1901, and ended on February 18, 1902. To transport the mammoth flesh, they had to travel 3,700 miles (6,000 km) by sled during a bitterly cold Siberian fall and winter.


Did The Sun Rise 2 Days Early In Greenland? Global Warming May Be Cause

The Huffington Post Joanna Zelman First Posted: 01/20/11 04:36 PM ET Updated: 05/25/11 07:25 PM ET

Vampires aren’t the only ones who worry about the sun rising. After living in complete darkness for a chunk of winter, one might think Greenland citizens would be happy to finally see sunlight. But instead, the first sight of sun sent residents of Ilulissat, a town on the western coast, into a panic, with good reason – the sun supposedly rose two days early.

According to LiveScience, Ilulissat is about three degrees north of the Arctic Circle – where the sun doesn’t set during summer solstice, and the sun doesn’t rise on winter solstice. In other words, people living near this region experience winters without any sunlight. Ilulissat normally sees its first sunrise on January 13th – this year, the sun allegedly rose on January 11th instead.

Scientists are puzzled by this phenomenon, and theories are circulating like wildfire. Some speculations have already been squashed – the 2012 leap year and changes in constellations are both considered unlikely explanations.

Could it all just be an illusion? Maybe so, according to Thomas Posch, with Austria’s Institute of Astronomy. He hypothesizes that the sun’s rays may have had a stronger bend than usual, resulting in the sun appearing earlier.

But the most troublesome theory may also be the truth. Some scientists suggest that the sun rose early due to global warming, namely, Greenland’s melting ice caps. In the past year, temperatures in Greenland have risen three degrees Celcius above average. As icecaps melt, the horizon sinks down as well, which makes the sun appear earlier over the horizon. According to Tim Dixon, a professor of geodesy, “It is well known that global warming is causing most of Greenland’s outlet glaciers to melt faster and draw down the inland ice.” That said, there is debate over whether the melting ice sheet would affect the sunrise, given the ice’s eastern location.

If Greenland’s early sunrise is due to global warming, it is just the tip of the iceberg (no pun intended). Beyond the commonly spoken results of global warming, there are many unusual occurrences around the world that may also be due to our changing climate. While it seems counterintuitive, the bizarre blizzards that have recently hit the US may in fact be due to a warming Arctic. Another weird result of global warming may be that satellites speed through air faster due to increased levels of carbon dioxide creating a less dense atmosphere. Global warming has also been blamed for increased allergies, raging wildfires, and the potential reintroduction of smallpox from dead corpses. Very weird.

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So they have a full blown frozen woolly mammoth somewhere? WOW, I'm surprised they haven't clone it yet!

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Yeah I heard about this frozen woolly mammoth on the Discovery Channel a while back. It was frozen so quickly that it was still in the middle of swallowing its food.

If you watch the movie the "Day After Tomorrow", they have a similar thing happen during the portion of the movie when the Earth freezes.