Truth feeder
July 5, 2011
Apparently desperate to stop the race for the Arctic’s resources, climate alarmists will attempt to link Arctic emissions with Arctic warming,*according to the*Washington Post.
But carbon dioxide is pretty uniformly mixed throughout the atmosphere. There is some slight variation of atmospheric CO2 levels around the globe,*but that variation appears to be mostly within a range of 10 parts per million. CO2 “hot spots” around the globe don’t seem to have anything to do with local emissions.
While polar regions may be more affected by rising CO2 levels (i.e., CO2 can compete more successfully for re-radiated infrared radiation in drier air), CO2 levels in the polar regions will still be largely driven by global emissions —*which don’t seem to be having much of a temperature effect anyway.
BTW, the*Post article is yet another one-dimensional Juliet Eilperin report — i.e., all alarmist with no alternative views.