Are you an old soul? 16 ways to tell if you are an old soul

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Sometimes it's hard to tell, here is a mix of resources take from different sources:

Dolores Cannon believes that we need to incarnate many, many times as inanimate objects, plants and animals before we can become human. Then, as humans, we still need to incarnate many, many times to learn all of the lessons we came here for. For example, according to Cannon, we all had to be an air molecule and a drop of water to learn what it's like to work together as ONE.

16 Ways To Tell If You Are An Old Soul

1. You understand many of life's deeper lessons.

For some people, it is hard to fathom that the soul of a child may be much older than the soul of his or her parents. For these particular people, this is a sign that their soul might be younger than yours. When you begin to understand why you keep incarnating to this , 3rd dimensional reality it becomes similar to the movie, Groundhog Day, where Phil wakes up each day to find out that it's still February 2nd until he learns how to remove his ego and starts doing kind deeds for others.

Once you realize that time, space, energy and matter are 3rd dimensional products, the theory of time becomes irrelevant, thus the theory of how old your soul is also becomes irrelevant.

But for the sake of understanding how old your soul may be, we'll continue!

2. You are in touch with your natural abilities or have an extreme interest in these abilities.

Some people are born with innate gifts, such as special healing abilities or psychic abilities. The truth is that we all possess these abilities, but an older soul is more in tune with how to access and implement these abilities in the name of humanity. If you don't have any particular ability, but have a strong interest in them, this is simply your soul trying to recall these abilities that you may have had in a previous lifetime.

3. You become spiritually aware.

Everyone is pure consciousness, but many people have a difficult time understand what this means. Your soul is pure consciousness and love. It has a unique understanding of how the matrix is being played on this planet and understands that everything we do as a collective will help to facilitate the awakening of others.

4. You understand the importance forgiveness.

Some people are old souls who still have much to learn because they are trapped inside the box with their ideologies, are stubborn or have not learned the importance of forgiveness. By forgiving yourself and others, we can release any karma between these people.

5. You're able to transcend ego.

It's nearly impossible for anyone to completely transcend ego 100% of the time but simply being aware of our ego and how it plays against unity consciousness is a definite sign on an old soul. On the other side, there is no ego. During your life review, you will re-live your ego and will see how it affected others, as well as yourself. At this point in "time", you will probably make a soul contract with the hopes of overcoming ego and atoning for whatever ego issues you had in your previous incarnation.

6. You're able to transcend materialism.

Money and materialism are products of this 3rd dimensional reality and it's easy to succumb to materialism, especially when it's in your face through advertising, programming and peer pressure. An older soul realizes that money is non-existent on the other side and it generally takes away from who we truly are as spiritual beings. Those who are older souls will generally use money as a tool to either help facilitate their spiritual progression through spiritual retreats or by possibly creating a lavish feng shui home decorated with spiritual meaning versus the most luxurious furnishings. They may also use their money to help others who are less fortunate.

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7. You are able to understand the concept that your body is a shell for your soul.

Before you were born, you not only chose your parents, you also chose your life situations and challenges that would help to facilitate your spiritual growth while atoning for any previous karma. The body that you are currently in is simply a vessel for your soul. Your name is what your soul currently refers itself as, but in previous lifetimes, you had many different names and you have lived many previous lives as either a male or a female. Your name and title are both associated with ego because ultimately, you are infinite consciousness and we are all on the same team.

8. You seem to have a special connection to eras long before you were born.

Did you ever watch an old movie or see some artwork from a specific era in time and have a connection to that era? Chances are, you lived a previous life during that time period and this is your cellular memory letting you know!

9. You have an understanding of what you need to do to complete your spiritual progression.

Just by making it this far, you are more awakened than most people on this planet. You have an understanding of Universal laws and what is left to do on your soul contract. Even if you are not specifically sure of either, your higher self and spirit guides will continue lead you in the right direction.

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10.You have a strong feeling that home isn't Earth.

Did you ever look at a random area of the sky and star at an unknown star for no particular reason? Do you have a special connection with specific star systems such as the Pleiades or Orion's Belt? Do wars and corruption make you feel uneasy, as if they didn't exist where you originally came from? Are you one of the souls who volunteered to come here at this specific point in time to help with the Earth's ascension? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then chances are, Earth is not your home planet.
11. You tend to be a loner.

The stigma on the word loner is often condescending, but those who are old souls are merely looking for other fragments of themselves and will often distance themselves from younger souls who need more incarnations into a 3rd dimensional planet. Older souls will seek out other like-mided people because there's a comfort and familiarity with these types of people who will help to facilitate each others spiritual progression.

12. You have a rebellious nature.

Whether you rebel from religion, laws or anything else, this is a sign that your soul knows the only true laws… the Laws of the Universe. While you respect the reasoning and intention behind laws and religion, you might not be compelled to use these as absolute laws when you know there are a set of higher laws that are intended to facilitate our spiritual progressions.

13. You have a burning desire to attain truth and inner wisdom.

Many older souls can easily see through the lies we've been taught through religion, politics and through our educational facilities. While they realize they are all one with the universe, they also want the truth exposed to help other people's awakening process. They also continue to seek knowledge in the spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric fields and will absorb this information much easier than anything they were taught in school.

14. You are not controlling of others.

Older souls are more accepting, not just of other people, but of circumstances as well. For example, while you don't approve of the corruption within politics, you understand how the corruption will help to awaken other people to the truth. You respect the free will of others and are more likely to use tact than verbal demands of others. You tend to be more of a team player than anything else.

15. You sense a separation between yourself and the "real world".

As you transcend ego and materialism, you find yourself living a different lifestyle. While this lifestyle is unique to your current incarnation, there also seems to be a familiarity of the direction you're heading.

16. You are curious whether you're an old soul or not.

Many young souls wouldn't ask this question or much less be concerned about it. While many older souls aren't concerned either, for different reasons, they simply "know" they're old souls, but it's nice to have affirmations that coincide with your spiritual progression.

There are many lessons we have learned throughout our lifetimes, all of which has culminated into this particular incarnation. All of your previous life incarnations are embedded into your cellular memory and can be recalled through past life regressions. Most of the people on this planet are old souls, yet many remain unawakened and still have a lot more to learn and will need several more incarnations to a 3rd dimensional planet.

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Many of those who are awakened will probably move on to their next level of spiritual progression. It's important to remember that this is not a race because in the end, we all win. Enjoy every millisecond in this incarnation because this may be the last time you'll ever experience a 3rd dimensional reality!

The Old Soul Age
by Phillip Wittmeyer
January 2009
from MichaelTeachings Website

At the end of a full life comes the time of old age.

Much that can be said about an Old soul is what would be said about an old person. Usually old people have traveled to many places and done many things. They are a storehouse of wisdom and understanding because of this range of experience.

But in spite of their competence they do not usually accomplish very much. Because of the age of the body, there is often a tiredness about them that prevents much expenditure of effort. They are quieter than younger people, have a more relaxed lifestyle, and are more subdued in their manner of expression. They have mellowed out considerably compared to their younger days.

The energy and excitement of youth is mostly gone. It is very similar with Old souls.

They have access through the subconscious to a great wealth of experience. Often they become teachers to pass this knowledge and wisdom on, but to a limited number of students - there is little desire or effort to release their understanding into the world in general. In fact, in the last Levels, some Old souls can be so world-weary that they are ready to just lay down and die.

Like a person in the last decade of life, the Old soul is "winding down" so to speak, or "in retirement", preparing for death, settling the estate, and tying up loose ends. In terms of the theory of reincarnation, the Old soul is clearing the way for the final break with the physical plane.

Not unlike the Infant soul, but for different reasons, it is rare for an Old soul to make a great contribution to society or culture. The reason for this is that they have largely given up on the world. It just does not seem worth the trouble to spend a lot of energy for things that do not last.

Material things just decay anyway, so why invest in that?

The other problem is that they are advanced in their perceptions to such an extent that the genius of their contributions would go unappreciated by the great majority of people, the Establishment.

Old souls know this and do not even try to get them to see it. Younger souls, who largely control the course of society, cannot understand Old souls, and regard them and their notions as eccentric. Old souls are perceived to be "far out", or "cranks", if they do make themselves noticed. Younger souls are often too busy to stop and really listen to the wisdom of Old souls anyway.

For these reasons, Old souls are rarely the movers and shakers of culture. As it is with many young people and old people, the situation is that the younger are out doing their thing and do not have time to listen to the old folks anyway. So the old folks do not even try to communicate.

Old souls often have difficulty with self-esteem because their perceptions and values are not shared by the rest of society.

The Old Soul Is Often A Loner

In their social lives, Old souls are often loners. They go their own way, caring little for societal norms. They are a rare breed, comprising about eleven percent of the population. On the fringes of society, they obey the rules of their culture only as required to get by without causing trouble. They have very little attachment to encounters of a casual nature, such as coworkers and neighbors.

Even their sense of connection to blood relatives is not very strong.

They generally shun heavy entanglements with other people. When they do get involved, it is because there is a strong spiritual bond. By this is meant that either there is a karmic attachment (past-life association), or what Michael calls an "agreement" - a contract made between lifetimes to conduct a relationship.

A specific case mentioned by Michael is that Old souls seek to be united with the other fragments of their Entity.

When Old souls do seek companionship, they often do so in metaphysical groups - astrology and tarot classes, psychic endeavors, and so on. Here they will be most likely to meet those with whom they have spiritual connections.

They seek out the few others who are like themselves, and form networks of people with similar interests. This is not usually for the purpose of business advancements like Young souls, or for psychological comfort like Mature souls, but just to share being with other Old souls. When Old souls "party", they usually sit around and just talk. In dating situations, they do not need to go anywhere (like to a movie) or do anything (like play games) as a means to developing social intimacy.

If the basis for psychological intimacy is not quickly apparent to the Old soul, he will not put himself through much trouble to develop it. It is difficult for Old souls to weld unions with people that they have not been together with in numerous past lifetimes.

Old souls are individualistic - they believe that people should basically do whatever they want to do, so long as it doesn't hurt anyone else.

The motto of the Old soul is,

"You do what you want, and I'll do what I want".

They rarely campaign for anything.

They do not want to change the world - they just let it be. You might say they have the ultimate "laissez faire" (leave it alone) attitude - let nature take its course and don't interfere with the system.

"Live and let live" is another appropriate motto for the Old soul.

They rarely organize into social clubs which have a hierarchical structure of leaders and followers, or join organizations which promote some cause. Rather, they form loose networks of friends and associates having common interests.

Old souls are operating in a dimension of personality different from the previous Ages.

The Child, Juvenile and Young soul ages are in Aspects of the Negative Processes.

The Mature soul age is an Aspect of the Neutral Process.

Old souls are in an Aspect of a Positive Process, Synthesis.

This puts them in a class by themselves since the Transcendental and Infinite souls, also in Aspects of Positive Processes, only rarely manifest on the physical plane according to Michael (explained in the following section).

And indeed, the Old soul is likely to sense his differentness. He may even think perhaps he does not belong on this planet. Old souls make up from 10 to 15 percent of the population.

As an Aspect of the Synthesis Process, an Old soul contains some of each of the Synthesis Traits in his personality.

Like a person with the Acceptance Goal, the Mature soul is very tolerant of the differences in others and seeks to unify them.

Like a person in the Power Mode, they are confident and assured of their abilities.

Like a person in the Selfishness Feature, they are hedonistic in their desire to do what they want.

Like Sages, they express wisdom to others.

Like Idealists, they perceive the unity and beauty in the world.

Like people in the Conceptual Center, they respond to situations by including them in their philosophical scheme.

The Old soul is in the process of removing himself from entanglement with the usual affairs of life.

He does not have a strong sense of attachment or kinship with the world such as is possessed by younger souls. He wants to purge and purify himself of materialistic connections. His primary motivation becomes the pursuit of some specific life task, or perhaps spiritual refinement.

Like the Child soul, it is unusual for the Old soul to pursue a career as such. That is, he may have a long-term occupation, but it is not his main interest in life. Most often a job is taken which does not overly tax or challenge the Old soul.

This leaves him with enough spare energy to pursue his real purposes, such as resolving karmic entanglements, and pursuing truth and wisdom.

Old souls have very few psychological problems to deal with. Presumably, these have been worked through in previous lifetimes. Their subconscious access to depths of experience means that there is very little they do not understand about what is going on, both out in the world and within themselves.

But Old souls do have one significant problem, and that is that they are subject to psychological depression. All the soul ages can be, to some extent, but especially the Old soul.

The reason for this is that, to them, life seems heavy and boring - "life is a drag".

They perceive that it is all a game, a contrived situation, and they no longer want to play the game. They feel like they have seen it all, so what is there left to live for? The material pursuits of Young souls seem quite futile to them, so what is there to get interested in?

Even the Mature soul's excitement about newfound truth seems passé to Old souls.

This ennui can severely limit an Old soul's happiness and well-being, and be a source of misunderstanding for younger souls who are enjoying life. Whether he understands it consciously or not in terms of reincarnation, the Old soul simply wants to graduate from the physical plane, and go on to new and better things in the higher planes.

But most Old souls do come around to the understanding of reincarnation at some time in their lives, even in countries where this is not taught as a dogma. It is possible for a person at any age and Level to have an appreciation of this metaphysical tenet, but to most Old souls it seems intuitively obvious.

This is one of the perceptions that is inherent by reason of the depth of contact with the subconscious present in the Old soul.

The Old Soul Is Easy To Be Around

Old souls are typically easy for other people to get along with.

They are usually agreeable associates because they know how to be gracious. The worst that can be said about Old souls is that they are often detached and aloof, perhaps even uninvolved. Younger souls do not understand this, although they may admire the fact that an Old soul can remain so cool in situations that younger souls find upsetting.

There is not much in an Old soul that can offend a younger soul, though there is much that can be misunderstood by him. To some it may seem that Old souls do not care. It is more accurate to say that they are nonattached.

They do not make much investment in what is going on around them, and do not have strong expectations for any particular outcome.

Whatever will be will be, so why fight reality? Old souls inherently perceive the broader perspective. They see that the world rolls on, day after day, year after year, millennium after millennium, with the same basic stories being told time after time with minor variations. Old souls know the big lesson of the whole Maturation cycle, and that is nonjudgmental acceptance of anything and everything.

What little they cannot abide, Old souls simply avoid.

Rarely do they seek to change things. Old souls tend to follow the course of greatest efficiency.

They seem to glide effortlessly through life.

They "go with the flow", and they "follow the path of least resistance".

Younger souls regard this as sheer laziness - lack of drive and willpower.

This trait has its advantages and disadvantages. The good thing is that they are graceful and gracious when it comes to dealing with other people.

The disadvantage is that they may lack the initiative to do what could be done. They often come up with great and innovative ideas because of their advanced and efficient perceptions, but they lack the energy to bring them to completion.

It is not intended that the above comments be used by Old souls as excuses for laziness and indifference. Once an Old soul realizes the cause of his condition, he can then take steps to mitigate it or direct it wisely. He need not pursue the goals of younger souls or share their value systems, but he can take his legitimate place as a valuable member of society if he wants to.

As with senior citizens, just because the Old soul is "retired" does not mean he is worthless and powerless. Indeed, an Old soul can bring considerable wisdom and competence to bear in fulfilling a significant life task.

Old Souls Are Inherently Ethical

Because of their advanced perceptions, Old souls are inherently ethical in behavior, feeling, and thought.

They do not have to be taught right and wrong by parents or society.

There is some socializing to be done when they are children of course, but the programming for decency, honesty, and integrity is inborn. It is as if they are grown-up even when they are children.

They always feel like they are older than their chronological age.

They are conscientious and responsible.

They are not usually jealous, envious, possessive, or pushy - any one of a number of things which involve attachment to other people. When Old souls are dealing with these ethical issues, it is with their subtle aspects.

They are gentle toward the faults of others.

The harsh perceptions often present in younger souls are absent here.

They rarely perceive actions as being truly evil. Rather, they regard things that cause suffering as foolish and primitive, and they seek to cure the cause of the problem by imparting mature knowledge and understanding.

Old souls try to maintain neutrality in time of war. It is part of their nonattachment.

There are certain nations listed by Michael as being primarily populated by Old souls, such as Switzerland, Holland, and Iceland, who value their independence and neutrality in political issues.

Switzerland plays host to the Young soul nations at the Geneva peace talks, but does not get involved in their Young soul do-it-my-way games. If Old souls care anything for politics, it is that they are pacifists.

Most often they are simply apolitical - they do not get involved with it at all.

Old Souls See The Cosmic Picture

Old souls have a universal perspective.

They are not so much involved in,

family issues like Child souls

or tribal issues like Juvenile souls

or national issues like Young souls

or global issues like Mature souls

Old souls see the cosmic picture. Old souls see themselves and others as parts of a larger system - another Synthesis Process perception.

Their attention is on the workings of this system. They see how all parts of the system relate to each other rather than getting lost in the petty details. The depth of wisdom of Old souls shows in their eyes. They have a direct, penetrating stare - it looks right through you, seeming to know.

Profound issues are their concern, not the trivial. In their efficiency, they want to get right to the heart of the matter and skip all the superficialities.

Old souls are casual and easygoing about everything. Nothing is any big deal to them.

Almost never are they outrageous or outlandish. They are rarely concerned with outward appearances - external image or formal trappings. In extreme cases they can even appear sloppy in clothes or habitat. Rarely are they overly concerned with what other people think.

Old souls pursue education with the same casual attitude as they do everything else in life. Grades are of very little value to them. The learning itself isn't all that important unless it furthers a specific life task.

Old souls tend to cut out the material pursuits that occupy so much of the time and energy of younger souls, and concentrate what little energy they have on spiritual integrity.

By this is meant the need to understand the truth, and the reason for things. Old souls rarely participate in organized religion. They are often drawn rather to metaphysics, mysticism, philosophy, and the occult in their quest for understanding. It is difficult for them to synthesize their physical with their spiritual selves.

They often seek unorthodox and holistic medicine rather than going to the medical establishment.

Old Souls Are Not Mainstream

In some ways, it can be said that Old souls are in the most difficult age. In the first place, they do not fit in with the culture so they are often thought bizarre.

They are definitely out of the mainstream of society and care little for its formal institutions. In the second place, they are often too world-weary to do what needs to be done to solve their own problems, let along anyone else's.

Since they tend to follow the path of least resistance, unless they feel internal and external forces pushing them, they don't go anywhere or do anything. No matter how much they might need it for building Character, they will only tolerate just a certain amount of stress in any given situation. Then they will get depressed and just chuck it all and move on.

In the third place, there is a certain arrogance in Old souls in that they often feel they cannot learn from younger souls.

They are aware of their maturity, even if only subliminally, and regard younger souls as foolish. This is not truly wise. There is always much to learn, even from one's juniors. In the fourth place, there is very little left that Old souls want to experience in life.

They feel like they have done it all - so why bother to do more?

"There is nothing new under the sun" is another good motto for the Old soul.

Even sex is not highly prized by the Old soul.

He is usually competent therein, but his lack of interest for it, and the lack of passion in it, can be disconcerting to younger souls who still prize sex highly. Old souls are often hedonistic and sensual, however, and can have a bawdy sense of humor.

Old souls are often androgynous (having balanced masculine and feminine characteristics), and occasionally bisexuality is a part of their lifestyle. Gender identification is often weak in this Age because of subconscious contact with the whole psyche, which includes both masculine and feminine characteristics.

What the Old soul seeks in romantic relationships is a "soul mate" - someone to whom he relates on a soul level.

This might be someone else with whom he has spent many lifetimes, or another soul in his own Entity. The drive for this is so strong that it could be described as a compulsion.

Like an old person, the Old soul is in the process of withdrawing from the physical plane. He does not want to make an investment in something that he regards as ephemeral and transitory. The motivation now is for spiritual purity. Most of the Monads which it is established for the Old soul to complete have to do with being, rather than doing (like the Young soul) or feeling (like the Mature soul).

The Old soul just is. He simply experiences life as it passes through his consciousness. He is not unlike an Infant soul in that he often leads a simple life. He does not want to complicate it with intense relationship entanglements and severe challenges.

In a reincarnational sense, Old souls are paying off final karma, and they do not want to incur any more, so they play it safe by remaining apart from the heavy drama that entertains younger souls

The Mature Soul Age
by Phillip Wittmeyer
January 2009
from MichaelTeachings Website

After the years of youth and early adulthood comes the time of middle age.

Much of what can be said about Mature souls is what would be said about people in middle age. They are at the peak of their lives: beyond the folly of youth, yet before the decay of old age. Like people in the fifth and sixth decades of life, much of their experience is behind them. That is, they have subconscious access to depths of experience not present in younger souls.

Consequently, their perceptions are fairly advanced. Rather than look forward and outward like younger souls, they look backward and inward.

They constantly evaluate whether their life goals are being achieved, and what they would do differently if they could start again. They have a strong tendency to be introspective. This incessant self-evaluation can lead to psychological difficulties.

Mature souls are in the "mid-life crisis", so to speak, of the Maturation scale. Mature souls make a lot of adjustments along the way in their lives.

Mature souls seek to comprehend everything. There is very little that escapes their view or scrutiny. The place for Mature souls to seek this is in such places as libraries and colleges. Mature souls are great believers in education. They go to school for a different reason than Young souls.

Whereas Young souls get educated to further their careers, most Mature souls seek knowledge for its own sake. They truly want to understand. It may not always be in a formal or institutional setting, since this can seem too structured and limiting (too Young-soulish) to them. They often pursue knowledge on their own, reading widely or taking night-school classes on whatever subject is of interest to them.

This they often do rather than seeking a formal degree.

The courses that Mature souls take are less likely to involve occupation, and more likely to be for personal improvement, than what you will see Young souls taking. Mature souls care more about what they are learning than about the grades they make in learning it.

Mature souls are in a searching mode all their lives. There is an itch to "find themselves" and "express themselves". Personal fulfillment is their constant quest. This they never quite achieve to their own satisfaction. The problem is that Mature souls are complex - the most complex of the entire cycle. There is so much going on in their psyches which other people cannot fathom, and they themselves do not understand.

The Mature soul age is the most challenging of the Ages. Mature souls are agitated, sensitive, and touchy.

Because of their psychological sensitivity and complexity, Mature souls often exhibits a lot of confusion in their lives. For this reason they are often considered neurotic. What psychological garbage they have they keep churning their around in their heads.

The Mature soul's Monad's (necessary experiential units) largely concern feelings. They are working through emotional blocks. They are the most likely of the ages to need and seek psychological counseling for their emotional difficulties. The majority of people who go to psychologists for counseling are Mature souls, and the majority of psychologists are themselves Mature souls - and they probably have a lot of psychological churning that they themselves are working through.

Many psychological challenges come to the surface in the Mature soul Age which have to be dealt with on a conscious level.

If it cannot be dealt with, the person may turn to alcoholism as an escape. This method of anesthesia is more prevalent in this Age than any other. Mature souls will not often let themselves do actual physical harm to other people, like younger souls might, so they turn their frustrations concerning others upon themselves.

Concepts and issues which younger souls would pass over as meaningless are very important to Mature souls. For instance, the Young soul is somewhat anti-psychological - he finds fulfillment in material things. He rarely questions his own motivations, or that of others.

But the Mature soul looks for a larger meaning in life. He wants to understand the significance of everything, and the motivations for why people do things. More than a person of any other Age, the Mature soul cares - cares about the problems of the planet and wants to correct them, cares about other people and wants to help them, cares about his own well-being and wants to improve it.

Mature souls are open to all experiences, and are prone to try pragmatic solutions to their difficulties, rather than using canned Establishment (Young soul) imperatives.

Since Mature souls are relatively evolved in their consciousness, their behavior is very ethical. They are working on the finer points of human relationships. They value the feelings and opinions of other people. It hurts them when others do not think well of them. While it is true they can be somewhat nonconformist and even a little bit rebellious in their natures, nevertheless Mature souls are not completely detached from a sense of social obligation.

Though relationships and knowledge and emotions are their primary concerns, Mature souls do work for a living, but it is not with the gusto of a Young soul.

There is not the willingness to put everything into a career and rise to the top. When a Mature soul does become an employer, he tends to regard the well-being of the individual to be more important than the well-being of the company.

He may have policies and programs within the company to foster the good of the employee, beyond the normal benefits.

There is a different type of awareness of the Mature soul compared to younger souls. The Mature soul is always interested in learning more. Knowledge is pursued by the Mature soul.

Mature souls want to perceive themselves as informed individuals, and they revel in each newly acquired understanding. In the later Levels of the Mature Age, the person almost always seeks answers to the big questions of life in a way that few people in more primitive cycles do. This often means involvement in metaphysical endeavor, practice, or knowledge.

By metaphysical is meant everything from psychology to religion to the psychic.

Like people with the Goal of Flow, Mature souls dislike disruption and disturbance of the natural rhythm of things.

Like people in the Observation Mode, they are always on the lookout for information and knowledge.

Like people with the Feature of Stubbornness, they regard themselves as bastions of solidarity that cannot be overthrown.

Like Scholars, they value knowledge and information very highly.

Like Pragmatists, they regard the world as a smoothly functioning machine.

Like People in the Instinctive Center, they live by their impulses and whims.

Mature souls are psychologically attuned to other people enough that they empathetically experience other people as they experience themselves.

This is not true of people in the younger Ages. As a result of this intuitive perception, Mature souls are touchy about who they deal with. They are easily upset by the "vibrations" of people that they are not in harmony with.

If there are uncomfortable feelings with another, they will likely leave if they do not feel some obligation to stay. Mature souls need a sanctuary wherein to shield themselves in times of psychological stress. It might be a place that they withdraw to, or to the companionship and comfort of an intimate friend.

Mature souls are very relationship-oriented and they seek the camaraderie of like-minded companions. In contrast to Young souls who tend to regard their career as paramount, Mature souls often value their relationships as the most important thing in their lives.

They build their lives around social contacts and friends who have similar interests.

Family members, in the sense of blood relatives, which are very important to the three younger soul Ages, are not as important to Mature souls as good companions are. Mature souls seek mates not for status as Young souls often do, but for love. It is unusual for a person younger than Mature to experience true love for the mate.

Mature souls want someone to whom they can relate meaningfully, rather than just someone to fulfill the stereotypical role of a mate ordained by Young-soul society. A good place for Mature souls to meet others for companionship or mating is in school or at the library.

Second choice would be informal and loosely organized singles groups where they can get to know others as friends before they become lovers. The bar scene does not appeal to them. Mature souls want to mate for life.

Mature souls have a highly developed sense of humor and they laugh easily.

The type of humor they prefer is "situation comedy" involving social relationships. They like to tease and joke with their friends. Their teasing is rarely hostile or denigrating like it can be with Young souls. The type of movies they prefer are the award-winners with depth, meaning, and originality, usually produced by Mature souls - not the shallow, action or adventure type produced by Young souls.

Mature souls are very much involved in the affairs of the world, but they have a great need for a quite refuge to which they can retreat in times of stress.

They like to have a cabin in the woods or at the lake where they can take a vacation from the rat race. They do not seek material things or have a second home for status like a Young soul, but for an escape, a sanctuary. Mature souls seek less tangible things than material possessions.

In terms of religion, if the Mature soul is so inclined, he prefers the liberal churches rather than the mainstream churches. If he goes for organized religion at all, it is the undogmatic and quiet faiths such as Unitarianism and Unity.

In their quest for truth, at the extreme, the Mature soul may experiment with more unorthodox and offbeat brands or New Age sects.

Mature souls have a strong sense of morality and ethics, but it is of the situational ethics and moral relativism variety. This disgusts younger souls, particularly Juvenile souls.

In political philosophy, the Mature soul is liberal - "left-wing" - perhaps even to the point of being socialistic. The idealistic hippie era of the 1960's was a Mature soul phenomenon. Often they lived in communes or shared homes. Mature souls are reluctant to fight in wars because they regard all of humankind as their brethren.

For this reason they also tend to be pacifistic - and not in a militant way like a Young soul might be.

Even though they love freedom, they usually prefer to submit to domination rather than fight for that freedom. A clear example of this is that in Russia today, the Mature souls who form the majority of the populace submit to the domineering Young souls who control the government.

Mature souls are the avant-garde of society. It is they who make the genuinely novel contributions to the advancement of culture. They are the inspired visionaries. Whatever field of endeavor you might name - whether scientific, religious, political, technological, artistic, philosophical, humanitarian, or economic - it is the Mature souls who are in the forefront, at the leading edge, on the frontiers.

Mature souls often campaign for reforms in society.

They form the core of the environmentalist movement, the antinuclear energy movement, the ban-the-bomb movement, and other such improve-the-world endeavors.

They are beyond the Young soul in perception of the value of the spiritual aspects of life, but they are nevertheless entangled with the affairs of the world to such an extent that they think the planet is worth the trouble of making it a better place.

Old souls, on the other hand, have pretty much given up on the world in a material sense, as we have seen above.

Soul Age Levels:
Chart to reference the different soul age levels

  1. Often psychic; attuned to planet but not people; close to instinctive center; no intellectual center; guarded; feral (untamed).
  2. Less scared; uses thought; can pass in society; tests society's rules for limits.
  3. Quieter; no sex in 1st 3 stages; has decided can make peace with others so not so often locked up; can live on edge of towns.
  4. Starts sex animalistically; no conscience; is friendly as it works better.
  5. Does nefarious things; wants to be different; tries everything.
  6. Paying back massive amounts of karma. May take many lifetimes.
  7. Sly, naturally clever; passes in society, is not in personal relationships; may start to open emotionally and begin caring for someone else, e.g. mate or parent

  1. Starts to care about what people think of them. Love from others is an issue. How to get it is a mystery.
  2. 1st level issue becomes burning; I'll hurt myself if you don't love me.
  3. Gives up 1st and 2nd level behavior, goes inward. Looks to authority(outward) as to how life might work.
  4. Solid members of society; wants to belong to religions, clubs, to find out who they should be. Feels attached to others.
  5. Quiet; can be perverse; may have weird fetishes or really bizarre behavior, e.g. water plants with maple syrup.
  6. Very karmic; pronounces that people should follow authority.
  7. Complacent; discovers about caring, being cared for. Looking at trying to be authority

  1. Expresses anger; cautious but can be domineering.
  2. Dogmatic. Fearful, covers it with dogma. Likes being authority.
  3. Quiet, often gets away from it all, hermit; not too much conscience; doesn't like people much.
  4. Friendly, successful; your average yuppie; often authority, wealth and power.
  5. Wealth and power through unusual means. Still outgoing, friendly.
  6. Busy karmic, competent; this gets them to extreme power; sees something lacking but can't identify it; very set in ways.
  7. Absolute authorities, calm, born to money or gifted for career. Authoritative manner looking at mature; may do EST as experiment. Wants to do what's popular.
  1. Uneasy; starting to recognize importance of emotional attachments, but buries it.
  2. Inner conflict between success & relationships. Agonizing
  3. Quiet, intense, probably not too materially successful; very agonizing.
  4. Friendly, passionate, relationships more important than anything. Soap opera life.
  5. Emotional drama; unusual dresser; solid roles uncomfortable being bizarre; fluid roles love it.
  6. Very agonizing; most difficult of any level; most karma, very emotional; expressive roles may go crazy; nervous breakdowns.
  7. Complacent, emotionally attached; teaching; not too interested in old soul detachment; almost stagnation; it's easy.
  1. Confident, still mature; in no rush to improve.
  2. Hovers between drama and objectivity; internal warfare.
  3. Quiet, very knowledgeable; quiet daily life. Drawn to teach.
  4. Extroverted; teaching oriented. Authoritative, almost like power mode
  5. Unusual, spiritual looking. Almost not- of-this-planet at times.
  6. Extremely busy; hard worker, spirituality very important, no rest. Heavy teaching. Trust issues.
  7. Almost only self karma left. Lazy. Teaching - but only one or two people. Acceptance issues.
excerpt from "The Michael Handbook"


by Jose Stevens & Simon Warwick-Smith

Soul Age by Country

from MichaelTeachings Website

Albania: Baby
Algeria: Young
Argentina: Late Baby & Early Young
Armenia: Mature - Old
Australia: Young
Austria: Mature
Bahrain: Young
Bali: Mature
Bangladesh: Baby
Belgium: Late Mature & Early Old
Borneo: Infant & Baby
Brazil: Late Baby & Early Young
Bulgaria: Baby
Cambodia: Infant & Baby
Canada: Young/Mature
Caribbean Islands: Baby
Central America: Baby
China: Late Young to Early Mature
Chile: Young
Costa Rica: Young
Cuba: Mature
Czechoslovakia: Early Old
Denmark: Young & Mature
Egypt: Baby & Mature (pockets of Old)
England: Mature (with pockets of Baby & Old)
Estonia: Late Mature to Early Old
Ethiopia: Infant
Finland: Late Mature & Old
France: Young/Mature
Germany: Young to Early Mature
Ghana: Baby
Greece: Baby & Mature
Haiti: Baby
Holland: Old
Hong Kong: Young
Hungary: Late Mature
Iceland: Old
India: Baby & Young (pockets of late Mature & Old)
Indonesia: Baby
Iran: Baby
Iraq: Baby
Ireland: Late Baby & Early Young
Indian Jaya: Infant
Israel: Mid-Cycle Young
Italy: Late Mature
Ivory Coast: Baby
Japan: Young (some late Baby)
Kuwait: Young
Laos: Baby
Lebanon: Mature
Liberia: Baby
Libya: Baby
Malaysia: Baby
Mexico: Baby & Mature (pockets of Old)
Middle East: Baby
Morocco: Infant thru Mature
New Guinea: Infant
New Zealand: Baby & Mature
Nigeria: Baby
Norway: Late Mature to Early Old
Oman: Young
Pakistan: Young
Peru: Mid-Mature
Poland: Late Mature
Portugal: Baby
Romania: Baby
Russia: Mature (with Young leaders)
Saudi Arabia: Late Young
Singapore: Young
South Africa (Black): Mature
South Africa (White): Baby
South America: Baby
South America (Amazon): Infant
South Korea: Young
Spain: Young
Sri Lanka: Infant
Sudan: Infant
Sweden: Mid-Mature
Switzerland: Young & Old
Syria: Early Young
Taiwan: Young
United Arab Emirates: Young
United States: Young & Mature

Both coasts seem to draw a healthy mix of Young/Mature

Southern California: Young
Northern California: Mature
Washington state: Mature
Southwest: drawing influx of Mature & Old
Santa Fe & Taos, New Mexico: Old
Pockets of Vermont: Old
Florida Keys: Old
Vietnam: Young
Yemen: Late Young
Yugoslavia: Mid-Mature

SOURCES: Joya Pope & Yarbro