Argentine lab clones cow to produce human-like milk



An Argentine laboratory announced that it had created the world's first transgenic cow, using human genes that will allow the animal to produce the equivalent of mothers' milk.

"The cloned cow, named Rosita ISA, is the first bovine born in the world that incorporates human genes that contain the proteins present in human milk," Argentina's National Institute of Agrobusiness Technology said in a statement on Thursday.

Rosita ISA was born on April 6 by Ceasarian because she weighed more than 45 kilos (99 pounds), about twice the normal weight of Jersey cows, according to the statement.

As an adult, "the cow will produce milk that is similar to humans," the statement said.

"Our goal was to raise the nutritional value of cows' milk by adding two human genes, the protein lactoferrin, which provides infants with anti-bacterial and anti-viral protection, and lysozyme, which is also an anti-bacterial agent," said researcher Adrian Mutto at a press conference.


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That's just disgusting. I understand that some mothers CAN'T produce milk sufficient enough for their babies, but that's why there are breast milk clinics. We shouldnt' be altering animals in any way; nor should we alter humans. It's dusgusting and an atrocity.

And what's to happen to the poor calves that try to drink from their mother that ONLY produces HUMAN milk? The calves will suffer greatly. Not to mention, what are the repercussions of this process, not only for the cows, but for the humans that drink this altered milk?

It's not natural, therefore, it's NOT GOOD!

White Rabbit

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This can't turn out good for anybody! Is it really human milk once cows produces it. I know I wouldn't feed it to my family. Children are fragile things and when thier babies they're in a state of development and giving them anything that can harm them will prevent them from developing properly. This is one of the reasons why I'm believe there is so much illness in the world, we developed these new choices for human and we don't know the consequences of consuming or using the products. People are treated like human guinea pigs for these new products result in illness. People get used to using these products and don't want to give them up such as things like makeup soaps, shampoos, car wax, pesticides, even different beverages.

100th Monkey

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If this is going to be offered as a cheaper alternative to formula and others milks, people will buy it. They will market it saying it is safe and plastered all over the TV. They'll even have scientists come forward saying that they've tested it and it is safe for consumption. It will become a common everyday normal part of life, people will become used to it and nobody will care anymore.