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The Filipino has values that have been treasured and passed on for many generations already. These values are believed to be beneficial as it fulfill some of the basic needs of people.

List of Filipino values which are traditional
-“Paggalang” – In English it means being respectful or giving due respect for a person.
-“Pakikisama” or Getting along well with people, This trait usually fosters cooperation and doing good deeds which are favorable to other people.
-“Utang na Loob” or Debt of Gratitude –Usually a system of obligation, when applied it gives duty and responsibility on the part of the young siblings to serve and repay the favors done to them sooner or later.
-“Pagpapahalaga sa Pamilya” or Putting importance to family - This implies that a person will put a high regards and concerns over the family before anything else. This is one of the reasons why a father or a mother in a Filipino family will seek employment abroad just to earn decent earnings for their family, to meet the family’s basic needs and want.
-“Hiya” or Shame – This controls the social behavior of Filipino. It is a value that makes a Filipino be obedient and be respectful to parents, older siblings and authorities. It is also a key ingredient to the loyalty of one’s family.

Filipino's are really good natured people if you see them deeply. And Im a proud filipino and i love my heritage. I just feel sad when there are evil people who use us since our first ancestry. You see I will give you insight of one of our greatest hero who was a mason.

When the spaniards came to the philippines we accepted and welcomed them to our country and give them the best of what the people and the country can give without anything in return. It says in our history that when King Philip sent his troops here is because in search of spices which we are culturally rich. The philippines is a paradise country full of great treasures and great people. But let me tell you the spaniards are maybe in search of spices but i believe its more to that.

The Philippines was accidentally discovered by the European powers in their continuous search for a route to the Indies where they imported the much coveted spices. On March 17, 1521, Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese naval captain under the service of Spain, landed in the small island of Homonhon in Samar in the southern Philippines to look for food and water. Due to hardships in the heretofore unknown and unnavigated sea, and mutiny by his sailors, Magellon had only three ships (out of 5) left when he landed in the Philippines.

Magellan befriended the Sultan of Cebu and succeeded in Christianizing the natives. To prove the military might of his soldiers and to champion the cause of his new vassals, he decided to "punish and teach a lesson" to Lapu Lapu, a chieftain of the island of Mactan who did not acknowledge the sovereignty of Cebu over his island.

Thus leading to the battle of Mactan. The battle was fought on April 25, 1521, during low tide in the shallow shores of Mactan. The Spaniards, burdened with their heavy metal armors, were no match to Lapu Lapu and his men who were armed only with bamboo spears, bows and arrows, and kampilans (native machetes). Magellan was hit by a poisoned arrow and eventually died from the wound. The victorious natives drove back the rest of the invaders to their boats. Lapu Lapu thus became the first Filipino to rise against western aggression and domination.

Now let us move forward, when the Philippines was under the spanish colonization we adapted to the culture and became slaves of these people and our men were killed if not following orders. The women are being raped by the spanish priest and soldiers , we had a mixed of spanish genes that explains why most of us especially in the north has white skin. Since that has started we had people on the upper class with mixed spanish genes who are aristocrats in the filipino society. There is one aristocrat family and one of the son is Jose Rizal which is our filipino hero let me share you some insight and will tell you about who Jose Rizal was.

According to History
- Dr. Jose Rizal
-Born on June 19, 1861 in Calamba, Laguna
-Executed on December 30, 1896 in Bagumbayan, now the Rizal Park.
-Made a Master Mason on November 15, 1890 in Logia Solidaridad No. 53 in Madrid, Spain.
-Affiliated with a lodge under The Grand Orient of France on October 14, 1891.
-Made Honorary Worshipful Master of Nilad Lodge No. 144 in 1892.
-Delivered a lecture entitled “La Masoneria”
-A many-faceted genius who consecrated his God-given talents for the freedom and welfare of his people through peaceful reforms.
-A nationalist, a physician, a poet, a novelist, a historian, a painter, a sculptor, a linguist, an educator, an anthropologist, an ethnologist, a sportman, a traveler and a prophet.
-His famous novels, “Noli Me Tangere” and “El Filibusterismo” exposed the abuses of the authorities and inspired the Revolution of 1896.
-His martyrdom fanned the patriotic spirit of Filipinos and solidified their sense of nationhood.
-The greatest man of the Malay race and greatest Filipino hero, “he ranks with the great men of all races of all times.”

According to my understanding and research

Jose Rizal was born in a filipino aristocrat family, I believe that the family has gained respect through their standing to the filipino society with spanish heritage which they feel somewhat fortunate due to the lifestyle they inhibit. Now i believe Jose Rizal who is always present in society gatherings wanted to more to that and likes to get knowledge from other countries aside from the philippines. Take note Jose Rizal is actually a intelligent person and i believe he has many thoughts that he wants answered and he knows he will be able to get that overseas. Jose Rizal went to europe (spain) jose rizal was born in 1861 and he died 1896, I had a feeling that when he traveled to spain maybe he was invited to be part of the freemasonry perhaps in 1880 or 1890. And to my surprise i was right. Jose Rizal was made a Master Mason on November 15, 1890 in Logia Solidaridad No. 53 in Madrid, Spain. I must explain to you not because he was a mason means he is a bad person, I believe he joined the masonry because he really like acquiring knowledge that can answer to whatever he has in mind. Jose Rizal has a dark side of having many women in spain and he was quoted a womanizer by the skeptics here by the proffessor's and his curator's. However i believed that Jose Rizal womanizing has nothing to do of his true nature and i believe that when he started joining the masonry this is one of their ritualistic orgies and how they use women to control him. Now it was said that Jose Rizal was exiled in the masonry and it was not explained why, I believe that Jose Rizal for 4 years under the Mason's now understands how evil the freemasonry are and i believed maybe since he became a master mason thay showed him on what is the ultimate agenda of that secret society and he wanted to get out by saving his our country thus leading him exiled by the secret society. Take note before a member is accepted they go under a ritual sworning not to divulge information of who they are and what they do thus they place a knife through the blindfold person who makes an oath and says that if this oath is broken he knows what will be the outcome. (means that he will never know when he will be killed if resist). Now Jose Rizal went back to the philippines and history says that after rizal came back from spain he became a nationalist and was highly intelligent and a lot of filipino people admired him and there were filipino's who wanted to be his followers. Jose Rizal went back to being a physician and helped a lot of filipino people and was said became a introvert and spent his timing writing. I believe he was thinking of a way on how to save our countrymen and awaken them thru what is really happening and he knows that that in order to do that without any suspicion is for him to create novels for him to give the message to filipino's and i guess he knew already that he will be killed. so he created 2 novels His famous novels, “Noli Me Tangere” and “El Filibusterismo” exposed the abuses of the authorities and inspired the Revolution of 1896. And was Executed on December 30, 1896 perhaps the freemasonry knew about it and have him killed.

Now Lets try to really think hard here and digest everything i just typed and i will try to unmasked those people who are a false conspirator.
1. Free masonry oath to each member not to divulge any information about who they are and what transpires in each meeting. Thus whoever says who they are will be killed.
2. Queen Elizabeth also made a statement/rule that whoever creates treason against the queen will be punished and be killed.

We know a lot of conspirators has a conspiracy to tell with some research but most of them only stay's on one topic.
Now there are a few exceptional people like david icke and alex jones who are good connecting conspiracies to another and and they are the greatest conspirators in 21st century. But wait lets really think very hard here why is that some conspirators are now dead and ex members that are dead. I do give credit to david Icke due to its 20 years of research and i find it really astounding to great detail and whatever he and alex jones researched makes sense. But let me ask you the bullet point i made in 1 & 2 is really peculiar and it makes me wonder why it took a lot of years of these individuals to live. Okey let me point out something here most ex illuminati who are dead now either makes novels or movies like stanley kubrik to great detail but in a deeper aspect are now dead. same with who Jose Rizal it took him a few years to expose them tru his novels and was killed. As i mentioned that i really like the 2 conspirators that i mentioned but if you think really hard and try to analyze why they are not yet dead most especially the information they give out to the public are to great extent must be true. but wait again why are they not dead pointing out bullet point 1 & 2. Now this is my opinion only i hope nobody reacts because i also respect other people's opinion relating to this matter. If you are going to ask me i think david icke and alex jones conspiracies really does make sense but them not being killed yet gives me reason to doubt they're true intentions. i believe both that i mentioned are part of the illuminati, Why? because given the years they spent in research and divulge information and their ability to show they do not fear the secret society makes sense that they are part of the secret society. If I was head it is seamless that when i plan things and you that the secret society really plans things in great detail that why they're in the head of the society itself. Anyway if i was the head most definitely i will have plan A-Z for mass destruction why because if plan A doesnt work well there are many letters in the alphabet that the plan or the agenda might go thru and these 2 person's are mind controlled like the one in clockwork orange giving them the ability to connect the dots but i believe they are not aware of that lol however my point is if the world war 3 and other war will not proceed then they' betting on this two to awken more people to really start the war and these secret society are really clever people i imagine them playing the chess with each piece as to the agenda or the great plan that are intended to create a war without them really putting much effort. and when the war starts they always have theyr'e secret underground with its time capsule with all the machineries and stored foods perhaps animals and clones and robots everything you can think of that are there. They are waiting to provoke us leading to a war with these puppets whilst them hiding and you know what when every one is killed and a few left they will comeout when the time is right kill the last human being in the planet until they repopulate again and they will begin the new world they want. This people are really intelligent they know that people are not going to accept the new world order and they know that we are not stupid so the best thing that they can do is to create and provoke may wars as much as possible so that the next generation of clones or human hybrids creating a more futuristic feel like the star wars them being a chancellor of earth is really theyr'e agenda because i believe it is much easier planting the RFID on clones like the movie island than a real human being that would rather die and i don't think that will be favorable to them. as i quote " work it smart and play smart". im leaving the rest for you to analyze and respond and whether it's negative or positive its up for you to decide or say as i mentioned that this is my opinion only and i hope it makes sense but regardless if it does or not 2 heads are better than one many heads are greater than one. May god bless us all.257387_233322253360822_100000491482388_1083258_6948009_o.jpg


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Re: True Filipino versus Masonry

View attachment 876 celebration of our independence day with (freemasonry) showing how proud they are to be in the secret society, pathetic really thou yes they are doing some good works YES but pathetic in a sense joining without the extent what is the deeper meaning of the its society and the dark side of it. And i emphasize really pathetic WHY? because these people you see are doctors engineers lawyers and mayors LOL. and take note i was asked to join in that society good thing i didn't join and the best part of these proffesionals when i hang out with them because of a friend who is a proud mason LOL . The place where we went was a girly joint owned by those brothers and all of them has 3 girls with them really disgusting each time they kiss those girls and they let the other girls kiss themselves it was really sick and i tried to act as if it did not bother me and i asked them why are the girls there and instead give them real jobs since the owner is the mayor's son who also has a place in politics (oligarchy) and they said that the girls doesnt have the education and it is better that they are there rather than loitering the streets and beg money and atleast in that joint they are paid 200 pesos /$41 for the whole 8 hours and they need to entertain and drink a lot of alcohol given to them by their clientele. It was really absurd seeing a filipina exploited in my very eyes and i pity even if they felt no shmae no more because they are already accustomed to the idea that without education this is really their life this sight really left a scar in my heart. but wait there's more as the these people go to large parties being held here now let us see the people behind this group and how proud they pose with this international head LOL (i believe the guy is british from the appendant bodies of the Supreme Council Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite) ----> Scottish, known formally by many of us as the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, is actually of Franco Prussian origin. While it is true that no one could definitely establish or trace the original roots of Ecossais (Scottish) Masonry, yet world-renowned writers and historians had made valuable researchers and had formulated theories about it only to find out that Scottish Masonry had emitted to the horizon in some form at various times and places. In their writings, however, it could be sensed that lesser degrees of the Scottish Rite Freemasonry first took place at Bordeaux, France, where the Rite of Perfection already had existed. Bordeaux is said to have been the oldest provincial Masonic center in Europe. As early as 1932, fifty lodgeshad already been established and the famous Lodge of La Francaise Elu Ecossaise was created on December 13, 1740. Stephen Morin presides over lodge Parfaite Harmonio, which was an affiliate of La Francaise Elu Ecossaise, was the very first to confer degrees as high Perfection. The conferring of additional degrees was not referred to the Grand Lodge of France, mainly because none of the Bordeaux lodges was relatively a part of that Grand Body. Stephen Morin, therefore, continued his ritualistic activities in the Sovereign Grand Consistory of the Princes of the Royal Secret (Twenty-fifth degree).

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First off I would like to begin by saying that I have met quite a few Filipinos during my life and I do not have one bad thing say about any of them. They have all been kind, funny, helpful, polite, respectful, generous, hospitable, friendly, I could keep going but I'll stop there. I have nothing but respect and admiration for your people.

Your people not unlike other native people from different lands have been conquered and occupied. You have been forced to conform to your conquerors demands or face the consequences.

I had known for some time now that the Spanish conquered the Philippines, but I didn't know all the details of it. Anybody below this 32nd degree Mason (of course depending on the rite), usually does not know about the corruption of the above degrees. They do not bring individuals up to the higher degrees unless those people have the right characteristics that suit that rites particular agenda. It is as David Ike says compartmentalized.

I believe David Icke and Alex Jones are still alive because they are either in on the conspiracy or they do not want these individuals martyred. However, there still is a possibility that neither is true. I don't know the answer, but I believe they have both done a great job at waking up the people on this planet.

The only thing we have to combat these corrupt elite individuals is information and population. That's why I believe getting the information that is presented on this site as well as by David Icke, Alex Jones and others to as many people as possible to prevent further people from being hurt. If we all become like David Icke or like Alex Jones they can't stop us all!

I want to live in a world where nobody's needs go unfulfilled!
I want to live in a world where the highest goal is love, peace and happiness!
I want to live in a world where corruption is nonexistent and not tolerated!
I want to live in a world where education is fulfilling and not profit oriented!
I want to live in a world where nobody is a slave to anybody or anything else!
I want to live in a world where truth, justice and love are dominant, not money, sex and greed!

Thank you for your post! I will post more as I spent some time thinking about this thread and come back with my questions or comments.


The Freemasons are in every single country that they are allowed to operate in. This is one of the ways the Illuminati gets their chosen leaders into powerful positions.

In other words the Freemasons train leaders to push forth the agenda of the Illuminati through compartmentalized employment positions. This is the basic purpose of the Freemasons.