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"Published on 7 Sep 2014
In the final interview set with Max for this Bases,recorded in July 2014, Max describes in much greater detail what James Casbolt refers to later in August in Truro, Bases 39. The virus the warring factions of the ETs have, which makes them in a Vampire state requiring the blood of human children.

Further data on the Moons "reality" transmission control of earth, relayed from Saturn (Why the Apollo rockets were called SATURN, also refer top 2001 A Space Odyssey..the Monolith transmitted back to Saturn, NOT Jupiter).

This and much more in a set of 3 interviews, re-recorded in Broadstairs. The final parts of this Bases, Max & Sarah in England complete with Sarah Adams in part 6."
Bases 37 Part 5 C Max Spiers Disclosure

"Published on 12 Sep 2014
Max Spiers details the "Vampire Virus" the wars of the aliens brought to earth, by the alien elite that has now taken control of all high levels of office across the earth. A virus which killed huge numbers of the warring Draco and Nordic type ETs in a war fought over a 100,000 years can only be sustained by the ritual killing of human babies.

Something Casbolt mentioned in Bases 39 recorded in late August 2014, here mentioned by Max on July 13th 2014. Both men are part of decades of programs where children are taken to underground bases in the UK, for programming with and by Nazi ET and terrestrial warring factions.

Bases 37 Part 5 is cut into 3 captioned sections so the researcher can get a hold of the vitally important detail in these Bases Disclosure interviews.

The scale of these issues must be comprehended and fully appreciated.

See also Cathi Morgan's data and take on board the fact humanity is being farmed so these creatures can sustain their control over the earth's domain.

The reasoning behind Jimmy Savile's actions must be clearly understood. He Gave something as he Took Away something...This VIRUS.

The entire 5 is available seprately."
Bases 37 Part 5 A Max Spiers on blood groups

"Published on 15 Sep 2014
Blood groups and HIVE Mind programming, and a direct reference to Northern Ireland. How the Rh-ve B and other related groups are used for a controlled Hive mind, for programming population sub groups for control. "
Bases 37 Part 5 B Max Spiers on his awakening

"Published on 15 Sep 2014
We continue this triple session with Max revealing how he started to awaken, in 2008. Discussing his early life and how actors in Hollywood are being killed off.

Highly detailed, re-uploaded with captions for the hard of listening.

These sessions with Max were extremley exhausting and difficult for both him and Miles the interviewer. This is a Re-shoot since the original 2 hrs shot some weeks before are not for public use, but MAY be made available on a strictly one off bases with academics, by arrangement with Max ONLY.

Continues in part C, which ends abruptly."