Benjamin Fulford - Secret Societies at War, The War will soon be over..!

White Rabbit

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Secret societies at war, The war will soon be over. Benjamin Fulford with Vinny Eastwood 25 Oct 26, 2011

SUMMARY: Evil oligarchs in Europe & fraudulent financial families in U.S. have been in control of the world through many key positions. They plan to start WW3 to achieve a fascist totalitarian global rule with them as the ruling elite. Their corrupt system has caused worldwide financial upheavals, massive death & destruction from wars. They're increasing being isolated by factions that oppose their criminal activities & may be indicted soon but more turmoil may arise before things get better.



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I've known instinctively for some time now that these 'elite families' have been coming to some major battles. I've been saying "They're turning on each other, and all will be revealed. We don't have anything to worry about, they'll get caught before you know it. They can't hide much longer." Ben Fulford is just confirming my predictions.