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    [Awesome!] GREAT website and newsletter

    This is a good way to keep up with what is going on. The newsletter is great and worth getting. Today there is an article by Ben Fulford. Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs: Benjamin Fulford: The purge of the Nazis has begun on three continents Also, channeled message for...
  2. L

    If it's all falling apart, when will chemtrails cease ?

    Anyone have an answer for this ? I read constantly that the banking system is about to collapse, zillions of arrests of bankers all around the world, the Cabal?NWO/Illuminati are supposedly running scared. If this is so, how come we still see all those chemtrails all around the world ? This is a...
  3. R

    US Christian theologian: 9/11 was a ‘staged event’

    Last month, speaking at the Kuala Lupur 9/11 and the Ecological Crisis forum, renowned American Christian theologian scholar and author professor David Ray Griffin claimed that September 11, 2001 attacks were not the work of the so-called “Muslim terrorists” but was a “staged event”. He also...
  4. Denise

    Ben Fulford - May 15- Major purge of US puppets in Japan continuing behind the scenes

    Major purge of US puppets in Japan continuing behind the scenes, Nato terrorist state group being cut off, May 14, 2012 The top US criminal corporate government representative in Japan, Edward Nye, will no longer be welcome in Asia following the release of new information about his links to...
  5. 100th Monkey

    Fulford Interviewee Mr. Romanov Offers Bounty on NWO Heads!

    And outgoing in English by a descendant of the Romanov dynasty Illumina tee. Mr. Alexander Romanov is information about the "Illuminati" involved. Is very interesting. (English) Is a digest of only the portion of the testimony portion of the English...
  6. Denise

    Fulford - Chaos on multiple fronts as controlled implosion of financial cabal continues

    Benjamin Fulford - May 1st The prevailing theme these days seems to be chaos in the West but what we are really witnessing is the controlled implosion of the criminal cabal that took over the Western financial system and nearly destroyed Western civilization. Among the events associated with...
  7. Denise

    Benjamin Fulford National Emergency Committee 11/4/2012 "Time for talking is over!"

    New from Benjamin Fulford:
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    Benjamin Fulford - April 3rd, 2012

    Just keep you updated:
  9. White Rabbit

    Benjamin Fulford National Emergency Committee 28/3/2012

    Alexander Romanov, Chodoin Daikaku or this one although the same...
  10. Denise

    Benjamin Fulford 3-26-12

    Benjamin Fulford 3-26-12…”Over 200 senior bankers arrested last week as new financial system goes online”… “Overall, things are looking very good”
  11. Denise

    Benjamin Fulford 3-20-1 - Rival emperor stakes claim to Japanese throne,shows evidence

    … “The 10 Commandments were given to his Ancestor by ‘Celestial Beings’” Another startling and mind-provoking article by Ben. This is a piece of the world opera which I doubt few have heard of or know anything about. I would say a key point here is that this piece is connected to the...
  12. Denise

    Benjamin Fulford on AFR - 03/06/2012

    Benjamin Fulford on AFR
  13. 100th Monkey

    Confessions of a Former White Hat Operative

    Has Ben Fulford been replaced by a clone or a lookalike? March 6, 2012 The Truth is Uglier and Crazier Than You Think: Infiltration of the White Hats and a Benjamin Fulford Lookalike Hello, I am a former operative of a group of operatives world-wide affectionately called “The White Hats.” We...
  14. 100th Monkey

    Ben Fulford interview Australian FM radio 29-Feb-2012

    Interview in 3 parts PART 1 of 3 PART 2 of 3 PART 3 of 3
  15. Denise

    Benjamin Fulford- Full Update – A March 31st Deadline Has Been Delivered To The Committee Of 300 By The Gnostic “Illuminati” Faction Latest Update! 20

    Benjamin Fulford- Full Update – A March 31st Deadline Has Been Delivered To The Committee Of 300 By The Gnostic “Illuminati” Faction Latest Update! 2012/02/20 Benjamin Fulford- Full Update – A March 31st Deadline Has Been Delivered To The Committee Of 300 By The Gnostic “Illuminati” Faction –...
  16. Denise

    Ben Fulford ~ Controlled Implosion of Fed Reserve and ECB ~ February 13, 2012

    Posted on February 13, 2012 This update from Ben indicates that all is proceeding to remove the cabal heads, and to bring in a new financial system. He also discusses the evidence for the 3-11-11...
  17. Denise

    Benjamin Fulford - 31 January 2012 - on Strange Universe YT link

    Here's a link to Fulford's latest radio interview by Sean David Morton, dated 31 January 2012, on his AFR "Strange Universe" program: This whole video is not just Ben Fulfords.
  18. Denise

    Fulford 1/9 update ...

    Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis 20120109: The Feds have sued for peace and detailed settlement negotiations have begun In a very major development, the Federal Reserve Board faction that is in de-facto control of the Obama regime and Israel has approached the White Dragon Society to...
  19. Denise

    Benjamin Fulford on Strange Universe 29/11/12

    Thursday - Sean brings you a Strange Universe of information and fun. Sean's Special guest was Benjamin Fulford.
  20. Truth Vibrations

    Benjamin Fulford detained against his will, David Wilcocks death threat

    Ben was detained against his will in a hotel by a "cia type group" shortly after David Wilcock published his new article with solid evidence supporting what Ben was saying, as well as a transcript with him. He was not able to make his regular prime time tv show for that reason. Davids new...