'Bigfoot' print found in Ohio back yard

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But no one saw him?

An inexplicably large footprint has been discovered in the back yard of an Ashtabula County resident.

Wendy, whose surname has been withheld for privacy reasons, had been out doing yard work when she came across the massive footprint which was 7.5 inches across and imprinted to a depth of 1.5 inches in to the ground.

"I took a picture to show my mother's husband, who's a hunter, and he said it wasn’t a human's,” she said. "I'm not claiming that footprint to be anything. I don’t know what that is."

Both Wendy and her husband have reported a long history of unusual activity in the area including knocking sounds late at night, strange growling sounds and the sighting of a dark figure bounding across a railway line.

"I didn't believe in the sasquatch before," she added. "And in fact I'm still fighting it. But I can't make sense of that large footprint."

An ABC News report covering the discovery of the footprint can be viewed below.

?Big Foot? Print in Ohio Back Yard - ABC News