Bill Kristol: ‘Only Bibi can save the West’


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On September 30, 2013, the Jewish Weekly Standard magazine published Bill Kristol’s Talmudic hateful rant against Barack Obama and Hassan Rouhani. Kristol called Rouhani deceitful and accused Obama of retreating from his earlier tough stand against Iran. He warned Obama that “smaller retreats leads to larger ones”. Kristol whines that Obama should have treated Rohani like Winston Churchill treated Hitler and Mussolini in the 1940s.

At the end of his hasbara crap, Kristol claimed that Obama being defeated by Rouhani’s charm, leaves Netanyahu to save the West from Iran.

“It is a strange course of events, heavy with historical irony, that has made the prime minister of Israel for now the leader of the West. But irony is better than tragedy,” wrote Kristol.

William Kristol is an American spokesperson for Israel’s foreign policy in the Muslim world. His statements and campaigns show which Muslim country the Zionist regime wants to destroy. Kristol was one of the authors of the US invasion of Iraq. He campaigned for American military attacks on Somalia, Afghanistan and Libya in the past. He blasted Barack Obama for withdrawing US forces from Afghanistan and Iraq. He supported Egyptian military coup against the elected president Dr. Morsi. Currently, he is running a similar war campaign against Syria, Iran, Pakistan and Hizbullah. Kristol is one of the founders of the ‘Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI), an Israeli advocacy group. He is a committed Islamophobe. Kristol is the editor of the Weekly Standard and a columnist at the Jewish Washington Post. Kristol was a senior adviser to Mitt Romney on foreign policy.

Professor Kevin MacDonald describes Kristol and other Israel-Firsters like him, saying: “They are the moving force behind the violence unleashed by the West on the enemies of Israel – the wars that have become the face of the West to the rest of the world. And despite all the high-flown rhetoric about freedom and human rights, it is an ugly face indeed.”

Robert Parry, American journalist, author and blogger says that while the Zionist Muslim-bashers blame Muslims for terrorism, it’s them who teach terrorism to western Judeo-Christians.

Watch below an excellent video on the true face of Israel and Jewish control over America.

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