Kanye West: Rapper under Zion microscope


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Not because Kanye West performed at the wedding of Kazakh president Nursultan Abishuli Nazarbatev’s grandson on Saturday night – but because in his song ‘Who Gon to Stop Me’, West had the nerves to compare the plight of Africans in Americana with the Jewish Holocaust. Watch the video below.

Alan Charles Rusbridger (Jewish), editor UK’s daily Guardian, has slammed Kanye West for his perfomance and the British prime minister David Cameron for visiting oil-rich Khzakstan in June 2013. The two-day visit was arranged by Tony Blair on behalf of British industrial groups, Rolls-Royce, British Gas and Ernst & Young and others. According to the pro-Israel British mainstream media – Kany West received $3 million for his performance while Tony Blair cashed-in over $25 million. Tony Blair is also Nazarbatev’s lobbyist in Britain and receives $4 million per year as fee.

Debbie Schlussel, an Islamophobe Zionist Jew, in her blog entry on September 2009, called Kanye West “racist” and “Muslim” (none of which is true). She also claimed that West got away with his racism because he belongs to a minority group. How ironic she is calling other racist while some of her own tribe groups are trying to distance themselves for her hatred toward Arabs, Muslims and Blacks. In April 2011, Rabbi Joseph Krakoff banned her from entering his synagogue. Read a sample of her Jewish bigotry here.

The Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA), claimed in June 2013 that the lyric of Kanye West’s new album “Yeezus” song ‘Blood on the Leaves’, is based on Nina Simone’s version of the iconic protest song “Strange Fruit”, which was written by Jewish songwriter Abel Meeropol. Meeropol became famous when he adopted the children of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, the Jewish couple executed in 1953, for selling US nuclear secret files to Moscow.

Kanye Omari West was born in Chicago on June 8, 1977. He is estimated to be worth $100 million. He is founder of Kanye West Foundation, a charity which helps Afro-American drop-out kids to return to schools. He has Kim Kardashian as ‘living partner’, who gave birth to a daughter North West a few months ago.

The Jewish-controlled western media is portraying Nursultan Nazarbatev as “tyrant” and “dictator” in order to demean Kanye West. In reality, Nursultan is a very close ally of Israel in the Muslim world. Zionist president Shimon Peres visited Kazakhstan in June 2009. Nursultan (YNet, June 30, 2009) assured Peres “we won’t help Iran obtain nukes”. In March 2013, Nursultan visited Tel Aviv and met Shimon Peres. This was Nursultan’s third visit to the Zionist entity. Earlier, he visited the entity in 1995 and 2000.

Born into a Muslim Kazakh family, Nursultan is a committed communist-atheist.

The western nuclear powers never stop praising Nursultan for giving its 1,410 nuclear bombs back to Russia in the 1990s. It also allowed the United States to take two shiploads of enriched uranium for safe-keeping. Nursultan, who in April 2013 hosted P5+1 talks over Iran’s nuclear program – never advised his buddy Shimon Peres to follow his example and get rid of Israel’s 300 nuclear bombs.

The New Jersey Jewish News (May 7, 2009) reported that Stalin purged Kazakh Muslims in the late 1930s while brought a large number of Jews into Kazakhstan. Before that, the few Jews there were either descendents of Russian-Jewish soldiers who settled in that area in the 19th century or of Bukharan Jews who traded along the Silk Road. Around 18,000 Jews migrated to Israel after the collapse of Communism in 1990s. Between 15,000-20,000 Jews still live in Kazakhstan. Dr. Alexander Baron is president of Mitsva, the unbrella association of Kazakhstani Jewish institutions and a Jewish representative in Kazakhstan Parliament.

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