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If we look today at the scientists' discoveries and note that they are more than a quarter century ago, talking about strange creatures do not see, which they called black holes, and considered one of the greatest cosmic phenomena! The question is: How do these holes are formed and why do not you see, and what is taking place rapidly and sweep everything encountered on the way? Is it possible to find a newly clear from these creatures in the Koran? To reflect on the scientific facts of faith and praise God.
The phenomenon of black hole
Black Hole Black Holes as defined by NASA scientists is the area of the place pressed heavily Vtgmat the material density is too high to prevent anything from leaving, even light rays can not escape from this region. The black hole is formed when a star begins to collapse on the same large as a result of depletion of its fuel, although the black hole does not see it practiced on a very attractive objects around him. But how this story began elusive creatures?

Until it turns the star into a black hole at the end of his life must have a large mass, the sun, for example at the end of her life will consume their nuclear fuel on and off quietly, and will not turn into a black hole because the weight is not enough for that. Perhaps we find in the book of God Almighty a nice reference to this shift in meaning: ((1) When the sun is wrapped up [in darkness) [Pelleting: 1]. So there is no collapse of any of the sun but turns off slow, and this is what the Koran the word (Kurt). In the dictionary, we find the word (Kor), enter any part in some, and this is what will happen to the sun, where some overlap in some of the material until the fuel is consumed on and off.
Characterized by the black hole attractive high, so any gas close to it Singzb him and spins in a spiral violent generator high temperature as a result of this rotation, such as hurricane speed, the heat transmitted X-rays continuously, and these rays can astronomers captured easily by their computers, so they know that this region contains a black hole.

The Qur'an speaks about black holes clearly
Scientists tell us the West today is a scientific fact that black holes are moving and sweep everything encountered on the way, came in one study recently for black holes (by reference number 8) reads:
It creates an immense gravitational pull not unlike an invisible cosmic vacuum cleaner. As it moves, it sucks in all matter in its way - not even light can escape.
This means that:
It's - that black holes - the force of gravity creates a tremendous act like cosmic vacuum cleaner does not see, when moving swallow everything encountered on the way, not even light can escape.
In this sentence we find the fact that the writer Achtsr these holes in three things:
1 - do not see these objects: invisible
2 - very attractive works like a vacuum: vacuum cleaner
3 - and going constantly moving: moves
And perhaps admire if we know that this text, published in 2006, came in a more eloquent and clear in the book since the seventh century AD!!! Quran has clipped all of what scientists and black holes in three words only!! Allah says: ((15) So I swear by the retreating stars
(16) Those that run [their courses] and disappear) [Pelleting: 15-16].

We are in this text to the three facts about creatures I swear by God, namely:
1 - Alkhns: any that do not disappear never see, was named Satan Balkhanas because it is not seen by the sons of Adam. This is expressed by the scientists of any word invisible is invisible.
2 - Neighbourhood: Any place that is moving at fast speeds. This is expressed in the word of scientists move any move.
3 - synagogues: Any that sweep and swallow all that encountered in its path. This is expressed in the word of the scientists of any vacuum cleaner

vacuum cleaner.

What does that mean?
Since the seventh century was not one on earth thinks that in the sky stars are the sweep and attract all that encountered on the way, was not one expect the existence of these stars with the knowledge that they do not never see, but the Koran Great Book Lord of the Worlds Tell us about these creatures carefully Amazing scientific, and therefore we conclude that the Quran never scientists to talk about universal truths, and that these creatures are only the verse attests to the ability of the Creator in being, and this indicates that the Holy Book of God and not a book of human beings, God says for his glorious book: ((82 ) Then do they not reflect upon the Qur 'n? If it had been from [any] other than All h, they would have found within it much contradiction.) [Women: 82].