Breaking news: Afghan massacre soldier Robert Bales gets life sentence

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An actual war crime with suitable jugement.


23 August 2013

The US soldier who murdered 16 Afghan villagers last year has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.Staff Sgt Robert Bales, 39, opened fire on men, children and elderly women during a shooting spree in Kandahar province last March.He had pleaded guilty to the massacre in June to avoid the death penalty.He apologised for the massacre during his sentencing hearing on Thursday, calling it an "act of cowardice".

Bales had been making a case for why he should one day be eligible for parole, which would have meant he could potentially have been released in 10 years.

But on Friday the military jury of six ruled against him.

During the court martial, nine Afghans, who were flown out by the US Army, testified about how the attack had changed their lives.

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