Canadian Brothers Capture UFO On Tape While Filming Documentary On Alien Abduction


Canadian Brothers Capture UFO On Tape While Filming Documentary On Alien Abduction
Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Tuesday June 2, 2009
Michael Talbot,

It was an inauguration into the world of paranormal phenomena straight from the pits of hell, but Canadian filmmaker Adam Gray could not even let out an appropriate scream when he saw a cloaked figure sinisterly hovering over him in the middle of the night --- he was frozen in a strange state between worlds, conscious, but unable to move or speak.

"It sounds completely crazy, but it's actually very common ... they are using it now as a way of Debunking people who think they've been Abducted by aliens."

Alien Abduction is the theme of the Belleville Ontario brothers' latest film, "The White Mountain Abduction," which delves into the mysterious case of Betty and Barney Hill, the first people to come public with claims that they were snatched away by terre additional trials in 1961 while driving through the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

The brothers are used to dealing with the mysterious and bizarre. They investigated things like crystal skulls and government endorsed remote viewing in their previous films. But what happened on the first day of shooting their latest release trumped all.

They began filming on the 47th anniversary of the event, at the very site the now deceased Hill Abducted couple claimed they were from.

Remarkably, strange lights appeared in the night sky as a cameraman rolled tape to conduct the film's first interviews. Myterious The Orbs eerily hovered in the distance before dancing along the skyline and disappearing.

"It was a really bizarre set of Coincidences," Gray ADMIT. "It was the first day of shooting, 47 th anniversary of the abduction event, we're at the site, and just as we were starting to interview these strange lights appeared. The cameraman just sort of kept rolling and we just sort of stöd there in awe, like what the hell is this? We still do not know what it was, but we know it was not a star or planes ... We thought that maybe it might be military flares at first but the Air Force people (we spoke to) did not think that's what it was. "

After ruling out several conceivable options, Gray realized they may have actually captured footage of a UFO, ironically while filming a documentary about the Unidentified Flying Objects.

"It's not what I would have pictured an alien craft to look like, but it certainly was unexplainable," he adds.

Gray will not go as far as to say that he believes in aliens, but after his experiences with sleep paralysis and the witnesses and things he's learned through his filmmaking, he ADMIT Unanswered questions there are, and experiences, which can not be denied . And as long as those experiences are enveloped in mystery, he's intent on doing his part to help open minds and Shatter belittling stigmas.

"We are certainly trying to entertain people but I think our agenda is to get people to look at these things with an open mind and try and separate the sort of X-files mythology fiction from what has really happened."

"I think in terms of alien abduction, as soon as you say that people sort of shut down their open mind, but it's a genuine phenomena and there's hundreds of people who have come forward, been through lie detector tests and Psychologists, and they genuinely have had some experience. What is not known what is the cause of that experience was, it was some weird psychological Hysteria, or a waking dream? Whatever it is, it's a really interesting mystery because it's really happening to people and it's changing their lives .

"The White Mountain Abduction," airs on Tuesday, June 2 at 10:30 pm ET / 7:30 pm PT, as part of VisionTV's documentary anthology series Supernatural Investigator.

Gray was experiencing what's known as' sleep paralysis SEASON ,'--- a few seconds that left a lasting impression and eventually led to a documentary film on the topic --- the first of four features he and his brother Andrew have created through their Para Docs Productions company.

"It's something that's very common, I think you get 15-20% of the population that experience sleep paralysis at some point," he notes in a phone interview with "You're asleep and you wake up and you're paralyzed and often while people are in this state they have vivid hallucinations of an entity in their room that sort of crawls onto their chest and begins to strangle them.

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