Class action lawsuit 2012


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So okay... I was pondering how much MONEY all these 2012 End of the World Doomday Merchants have made over the last few years...

Now in normal business practices, when one sells something and doesn't produce the product... you can sue them for FRAUD

So they have a few days left to be vindicated but if Jan 01 2013 comes along without a hitch, then I propose we start a class action lawsuit for failure to produce and lost time recovery.

I mean these guys took in MILLIONS so it seems only fair they compensate the people they ripped off, right?

So lets get names and spread the word. Need to get in on the ground floor on this



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That's an interesting idea. Market "Doomsday," then when the time comes, tell everyone, "oops, we're all out of that, have some continued existance instead." Quite a an upgrade of the old bait & switch routine.