Lobby: ‘Blacks can’t criticize Jews or Israel’


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Last week, “Mr. Israel”, Abraham Foxman, head of Anti-Defamation League (ADL) praised Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) for later’s criticism of Minister Louis Farrakhan remarks about Jews, Zionism and Israel during a recent meeting with Detroit City Council members and local clergy.

“Your public outreach exemplifies the notion that what hurts one of us, offends all of us, and helps empower Americans to stand up against injustice and for equality for all,” wrote Foxman to Conyers in a letter sent on May 24.

Who is John Conyers? The 84-year-old Afro-American Congressman from Michigan has been at the Capitol Hill for the last 49 years. According to Jewish Daily Caller (August 2, 2012) Conyers has been called “part showman, part junkyard dog, part evangelist”. His wife, Monica, former president of the Detroit City Council, is currently serving a 37-month federal prison sentence after pleading guilty to bribery charges. Very few Afro-Americans know that famous Black Rights activist, Rosa Parks, worked at Conyers’ Detroit office as secretary from 1965 to 1988.

Interestingly, Soviet-born Foxman’s champion of “justice and equality” is not on record for criticizing Jewish hatred against African migrants in Israel.

The ADL’s agenda, is to demonize every individual and organization – Jewish, Christian or Muslim that exposes the evil nature of Zionism or Israel. South African Jewish academic and author, Sasha Polakow-Suransky, in her recent book, ‘The Unspoken Alliance: Israel’s Secret Relationship with Apartheid South Africa‘ reports ADL national director Nathan Perlmutter co-authored an article implying that Nelson Mandela lead ANC was “totaltarian, anti-human, anti-democratic, anti-Israel and anti-American”. The ADL sent spies into the American anti-apartheid movement, as well as other movements critical of American right-wing foreign policy. In 1993, a California police raid on the offices of ADL and one of its investigators yield files on Greenpeace, the NACCP, Act Up, New Jewish Agenda, the Center for Investigating Reporting and several Democratic politicians, among hundreds of others. The ADL eventually settled a class-action lawsuit brought by several of its victims.

It’s just possible, Monica Conyers, is also ADL victim to bring her husband to the Jewish lobby side.

Lenni Brenner, Jewish historian of Zionism, has penned a lengthy article, entitiled The Black Civil Right Movement and Zionism. The article describes why the Jewish groups hate Nation of Islam and other Afro-American groups which have escaped Jewish domination. The book also addresses Israel and Apartheid South African close relationship based on their common hatred towad Black people. Brenner says the Democrats are under Jewish control more than the Republicans. The article says:

The national NAACP had only one Black, W.E.B. Du Bois, on its first executive board in 1909. His politics and the NAACP’s evolved, eventually in different ways, but he was always pro-Zionist.

Although Black voters backed pro-Zionist candidates, Israel wasn’t a Black election issue in 1948. But on September 17, Sweden’s Count Folke Bernadotte, the U.N. mediator in the Arab-Israeli conflict, was assassinated by the Lohamei Herut Israel, Fighters for the Freedom of Israel (aka the Stern gang), and Ralph Bunche, a Black American diplomat, took his place. He worked out the 1949 Armistice Agreements between Israel and Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria, establishing the armistice line between Israel and Jordan, now known as the Green Line. Most educated Blacks saw Bunche’s Armistice as sanctification of Israel’s existence, especially so after 1950, when Bunche won the Noble Peace Prize.

On October 11, 1963 Malcolm spoke outdoors to thousands at the University of California’s Berkeley campus. The NOI’s representative had nothing good to say about the racially integrationist civil rights movement. But after the rally, with the microphone off, two men went up to the podium. I heard one say, in accented English, “Minister Malcolm, we think your talk was very good. But we are from Iran, a Muslim country. There is nothing about race in the Koran or Islam.”

Black Panther Party, founded on October 15, 1966, was anti-Zionist and worked with left Jews and other whites inside the Peace and Freedom Party. No other civil rights organization had a position on the Middle East, and there were clear reasons for that. A good deal of their financial support came from mainstream liberals, quite often from progressive elements of the Jewish community. So obviously there would be a price to pay.

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