Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 2/11/12

You can do anything you want when you get here. You can do all the things you had planned before you set out on your fresh incarnation, or you can scrap it all and set out on a trail that has yet to be blazed. Before this earthly incarnation you mapped out a roadway that would take you through many twists and turns, winding around lessons and adventures and hopefully a few pleasurable experiences, but in the end your journey was to take you to a place where you were to get some serious work done. If you are reading these words, then you are one of the fortunate ones who have found their way through the labyrinth of choice to emerge into the light of your divine purpose. We salute you for the successful culmination of your long search through the maze of 3rd dimensional life.

What though will you do now that you have gotten here to this point? It was designed by many of you to not only reach this point, but to use this vantage point to accomplish something great. To discover all the others who have gotten this far and join together as one and create such a change that this world has never before seen. You did not come this far to be a spectator and you did not come this far to quit now. You did not come this far only to let fear or distraction lead you back down the path in which you have just come.

Why would you wish to allow this at this point? You have come so far and no real harm has ever come to you, because no real harm can ever come to you. You are an immortal being of great power and strength, and although at times it may seem as if you are all alone, in reality you are never abandoned. Your guides and your Angels are with you and protect you always, and this is the case today just as it has always been the case.

What can you do today that you did not do yesterday? Is there some kind of difference you can make in your world? This is why you have come here, and this is why you have found yourself at this juncture today. All that you have gone through, the trial and tribulation, the hurt, the loss, the good moments as well as the bad, have led you somewhere for a very important reason.

You felt it important enough to embark on this long and often arduous journey, so what is it that you felt was so important? There is something being offered today that is not being accepted, and will not be accepted, by all. Only a fraction of you will choose this offering while others either choose to refuse it or not make a choice at all. This is their free will choice, and we of the higher realms respect and honor each individual, as well as collective, choice you make.

So what is it you are choosing today? What is it you desire? If it is to experience a new world, perfect in every way in its creation, full of abundance, freedom, excitement, and adventure, then this is what you shall have. Your choice will be granted. It will be yours.

There are those who so choose to remain here in a world of struggle and hardship, of lack and limitation, of separation and illusion, and we say to them we understand your need for further education and we applaud your choice as well. This wish will also be granted, there can be no other way.

Many have already made their choices, and many are already beginning to see where their new lives are splitting away from the lives of those who have made a different choice. Do you see where you seem to be drifting apart from those that you may have grown so close to throughout this lifetime? Do you see how you are finding little commonality in your lives today? Are you discovering that your conversations feel forced or empty as you wish to discuss certain topics the others do not?

Do you feel after these conversations that you wish you were speaking with someone else, someone who not only understands what you are talking about, but who wishes to also engage in this sort of conversation? You are not alone. There are so many of you today and this number is growing rapidly like a building wave or a tumbling snowball. In the days ahead there will be enough of you to build your own new community, perhaps even your own new world.

Do you now see what is happening? Do you now see what you are creating by your thoughts, by your actions, by your intentions? You are co-creating your own world completely from the bottom up. It is being designed according to your own wishes, your own dreams, and your own imaginations. Create well, create wisely. For you possess the building blocks and the tools to make it all happen.

There are those as well who are building their own world, and their world will resemble more of a schoolhouse, and there are even those who today are building a world that will more resemble a prison. Do not worry or pain or fear for these souls, as they know best what it is they need to experience to one day join you in the creation of a beautiful world, boundless by its limitations in any way.

Focus only on your creation, your masterpiece, for we see what you are only imagining today, and your creation is looking more and more gorgeous each and every day. Keep up the good work, you are almost there, but you are not quite finished yet, and even after you take residence in your new home, you will never be finished creating as you will always have plenty of building blocks and the tools are yours to possess forever.

Continue on now in your work spreading the news about our imminent arrival to your shores. We are in final preparations for this inevitable event, and only await our hosts to make us feel welcome. We await a warm invitation from enough of you to allow our arrival to be as smooth and un-shaking as possible, and we know this is just how it will be in the days ahead. We ask you for this invitation, and we ask you to spread far and wide our request to be welcomed to your home.

This is the way it must be; there can be no other way. This is for your safety and this is the way it has always been here in your world and throughout this entire universe. There are those who find it difficult to rise above the fear vibration to accept us, but we see so many of you using your powers of your intuition to know we come in peace and love and in the offer of assistance, to help your world become all that you wish it to be. This day will come, we get closer to you every day.

We have already begun long ago assisting you from our side of the dimensional curtain, but a closer working relationship is much called for at this time and will, in the days ahead, be much needed as there are a few challenges left for you before the different worlds you are all creating fall away from each other.

We see our assistance in these matters as a very important step in your process of ascension, and we only wish to offer our service in this regard. Together we can clear any obstacle that stands in our way, and a clear path will be opened for you that will lead you to the new world you are together creating today.

Let us get started with these projects as soon as possible, as time is running so short. Our monitoring services are currently scanning your individual, as well as collective, consciousness in order to determine if it is advisable to move ahead with our disclosure plans. This is a very important step along the way, and we wish to finally move beyond it and give are collective focus on the next pressing concerns. As we have said, we have much work to do and little time to do it, so please press on in your efforts to make our presence known and allow others to be able to see us as your friends and family, not strangers to be frightened of.

This is the task at hand for you now. Please focus on this as nothing can proceed until this task is completed satisfactorily. You have all the tools you need at your disposal to allow those who wish to see that our words are only of love and light and that your oppressors are not our allies, but our foes, as this is the truth. We will prove ourselves to you when given the chance, and we ask you for this chance today as the time has come for our reunion.
We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Greg Giles

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