Country Boy Medic Kit


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I have posted this on various forums I am a member of to help with starter kits.

Everyone should have a roll of duct-tape, super glue, tampons and maxi-pads, also fishing line and hooks, bandannas, a belt or two, hand sanitizer and small rubber straps (tarp straps) in their ruck.

Hand sanitizer works for cleaning hands and around wounds and cuts.

Tampons can be inserted into a bullet wound or puncture wound and covered with a maxi-pad to stop bleeding as long as no artery has been cut. If the artery is cut you will need to tie it off before using the tampon. fishing line can be used in some cases. Always use unscented tampons.

Maxi-Pads have an adhesive on the back that can be placed on a piece of torn cloth, bandanna or belt and used to tie over slice wounds or large cuts on arms or legs.

Rubber straps to make tourniquet and/or hold bandages in place.

Duct-tape can be used to close and cover cuts/slices as well as hold bandages in place.

Super glue makes a quick suture for small cuts in bends where a bandage won't stay in place or is an obstruction like the forehead.

Fishing line can be used for sutures/stitches. Hooks with the barb clipped off make it easier to sew open wounds.

Always try to maintain cleanliness when dealing with open wounds. Usually infection kills before the actual wound.

Some sort of anti-biotic should be taken to prevent infection.

Also another couple items to add are brillo pads (steel wool) and 9v batteries (square, the kind people dare you to stick to your tongue Cheesy)

Keep them separated when you place them in your ruck!!! You can place the two silver contacts of the battery to the brillo pad and it turns the steel wool red hot. Good for starting fires. Be careful not to allow the batteries to stay in place too long as it can explode.