Crew Space Station ISS evacuated by impending space debris


Crew Space Station ISS evacuated by impending space debris
Thursday, March 12, 2009

The three crew members who are currently in the international space station ISS stays are evacuated early in the evening when it was discovered that a piece of space debris may be in conflict with the complex. The fragment, which has a diameter of approximately thirteen inches and comes from a satellite motor also called PAM-D is called, passed the station at 18.39 hours Dutch time. Because the distance between the ISS and the piece of debris was only 4.5 kilometers amounts, it was three more than an hour for the passage requested the Soyuz capsule, a vessel which normally Russia their cosmonauts into space brings to enter .

Although the odds are not great was that the fragment actually would save, the distance between space debris and the station according to standards of space organization NASA small. Normal performs a job as a correction from the space object is approaching, but this time there was no time for. The area boaters Mike Fincke, Yury Lonchakov and Sandra Magnus had so few minutes in the capsule breaks and blocked access to the site to quickly separate the Soyuz to link in the event that the ISS had been damaged. After the debris, had been released by the collision between two satellites, the station at a safe distance was passed, the crew their work.

Source: astroversum