David Icke & Stewart Swerdlow - Mind Control (Chemtrails, Haarp & EMF)


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An excellent video by Jay4louise

David has been saying in his books and talks for years that 'they' are establishing a 'sub-reality' in the Earth's atmosphere to suppress and mind-manipulate the global population.

We are all being bombarded with mind control,to varying degrees,including people who don`t believe they are.
In fact those who don`t believe they are under a certain amount of mind control,are most likely to be the worst effected.Though they have no idea and really believe all their thoughts are their own.
You can`t tell them.It would be like asking your computer to tell you whether it likes you.However if you put a personal opinions program into the computer,it would run the program and tell you....that it hates you!! Lol.
They are trying to turn as many people into biological androids,detatched from conciousness,only able to follow the programs they have had downloaded into them.
Be aware of your thoughts and dont let them turn you into a drone,with no sense of humour.Most of the Corporate law enforcers Gestapo goons(police) are a perfect example of heavilly programmed biological droids.You`ve seen the videos!!There`s something missing,I believe they call it a soul.

This is the link to send ... http://www.davidicke.com/headlines/...-swerdlow-mind-control-chemtrails-haarp-a-emf