David Icke - We Manifest Our Own Reality!


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I love his analogy of "combing the mirror". We absolutely live what we create in our minds. Life is kind of like dreaming. We need to start lucid dreaming in our waking state. That is the only way to control what is really going on in what we consider to be 'reality'. I love this guy. David Icke is awesome. He really knows how to put things into perspective and leaves you with a feeling of ease and calmness, taking away from the fear that we are instilled with.

He's right, we need to take control of our 'reflection'.

We need to stay away from the mind control settings of television and such. These are the things that hold our 'reflection' as 'reality'. We need to seriously wake up in this 'dream' we are having and start taking control. There is no need to fear, because we are in control but don't realize it.

Sites like this are great for bringing this information to light and waking people up. Let's keep spreading this info.

I'm typing this as i'm watching the video, and, wow. I love how this guy brings it all together. Go! David Icke, Go!