David Wilcock update 2014-08-06 : Russian TV Documentary on Positive Alliance Destruction of Underground Bases!

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A new blog post by David Wilcock - 2014-08-06. Supposedly the TPTB are have a disclosure war.

21 million Russian-speaking people watched David Wilcock and Ben Fulford expose the secret war to defeat the "New World Order" being waged by an international alliance -- including the astonishing destruction of at least 26 underground bases between August 2011 and January 2012.

The ground had shaken because an entire underground city -- large enough to comfortably hold 65,000 people -- had been completely wiped out.

Over time, as I revealed here at Divine Cosmos, we found out that all the personnel and equipment in these bases had been "portaled out" over the course of 12 hours.

Then, once it was completely empty inside, there was a sudden, massive 20-fold increase in air pressure that cracked the hull. The entire city then collapsed in.

This was what caused the ground to shake so violently. The surrounding land made a sudden, thunderclap-like movement to fill in the void that had been created.

Each base was deep enough underground that no visible change occurred in the surface terrain -- such as a sinkhole

The first underground city to go was directly connected to the infamous base many insiders insist was built under Denver International Airport.

The next afternoon, just a few hours later, another very strange earthquake took place -- again in the continental United States.

The entire East Coast of the United States shook with a massive 5.9 earthquake that was deemed "highly unusual" for several reasons.
This sudden jolt is normally what we see in the case of an underground explosion -- and is not at all typical of normal earthquake activity.

This quake also occurred at a much shallower depth -- much closer to the surface -- than with most quakes.

The massive shaking was apparently caused by the destruction of a huge underground facility just south of Washington, DC -- at the epicenter of the quake location.

The DC facility was intended to be used by members of Congress and other insiders to flee to -- after they deliberately caused mass chaos and financial collapse in America.

As crazy and treasonous as that must sound, this plan had apparently been in place for many, many years.

To understand it, you have to move through some pretty ugly stuff -- and that's what most of this Russian documentary you are about to see is dedicated to.

The shadow government, as some call it, had been trying -- and failing -- to get a massive social collapse to happen for quite some time.

9/11 was apparently well-known by this group in advance, and was hoped to create such a breakdown in our society.

Thankfully, our civilization held together despite these plans.

Elaborate schemes were devised to divert vast sums of money into building a "breakaway civilization" that could be used to fight off any potential invasion.

This included the construction of what ultimately amounted to some 250 underground cities that could each hold 65,000 personnel.

Many, many different ships have been built that use anti-gravity propulsion systems -- and can very easily travel throughout our solar system and beyond.

Any of the exotic fighter jets we've been allowed to see -- including the Aurora -- are kept mothballed. They look nice but were only used for money laundering.

The 'real' stuff is seen from time to time -- and are one form of what people are calling "UFOs", i.e. unidentified flying objects.

These home-grown ships were built after the 'real' crashed UFOs were reverse-engineered.

The original designs were carefully taken apart and then rebuilt -- transforming them into working craft that could be built here, and used to travel off-planet.

Trillions of dollars of "missing" money have been used to build highly-classified colonies on the Moon and Mars, as well as certain other satellites.

Additionally, we now have over 200 very large spacecraft throughout our solar system -- and beyond.

The irony is that we have been told exactly what is going on, over and over again, through a wide variety of films and television shows -- ever since Roswell.

The apparent wars happening on Earth served as a cover and source of cash for a much greater concern -- defending us from an invasion.

Much like the Roman Empire, the Cabal's expansion into non-local territories has strained the homeland to the breaking point of looming financial collapse.

We will also find out, sooner than we think, that our "shadow government" already has extensive interaction with a wide variety of off-planet human civilizations.

One of the greatest secrets, as we have said all along on this website, is that there are many, many different human civilizations throughout our galaxy.

Almost every ancient culture on earth has extensive records of contact and interaction with these human-looking "Gods" -- who had seemingly superhuman abilities and technology.

Best of all, human life is a natural product of intelligently-guided evolution in our galaxy.

We are only at the first stage in the evolution of what it means to be a human being.

As I discussed in last week's episode of Coast to Coast, the 'real' reason we are here is to learn love -- and eventually evolve into a higher form of life.

Our transition into this higher form of human evolution has been called Ascension.

This is apparently what happened to Jesus in the Resurrection.

160,000 similar events have been documented as occurring in China and Tibet -- where people attain the state known as "Rainbow Body."

In order to reach this state, it is necessary to achieve a level of discipline where every thought you think is a loving thought.

Thankfully, as a planet we are now moving through a transition where the "entry requirements" are much less intense than this.

A plan was put forth in 1952 for a widespread, worldwide disclosure event to occur -- including over 5000 massive ships appearing in our skies.

Not surprisingly, the plan was rejected. The benevolent ETs did not want to share any tech with us until we engaged in a major spiritual education program.

This program would have demonstrated the underlying core of love that all world religious teachers had originally intended to convey to us.

The shadow government believed, for some time, that they could do whatever they wanted -- without repercussions.

It appeared that the benevolent ETs could only 'watch' what they did -- but were not allowed to intervene directly in any way, due to their Prime Directive.

However, certain lines were not allowed to be crossed. As the Disclosure Project and other events have documented, the ETs will not allow us to have a nuclear war.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not interrupted, in order that we understand the horror of what could be -- but many other efforts have been thwarted.

It wasn't until August 22nd, 2011 that the benevolent ETs took a much more aggressive stance by portaling out a total of 26 underground facilities worldwide, that we know of.

Apparently they are doing this to guarantee that our planet's future will be a positive one -- by removing the possibility of the negative to succeed in its ultimate goals.

Some of our top insiders have speculated that a treaty was signed with the benevolent ETs -- and that was the only reason the bases stopped being portaled out as of January 2012.

Others, such as Gordon Duff and Preston James of Veterans Today, have more recently revealed that such a treaty is, in fact, in place.

The treaty apparently calls for an end to secrecy and cover-ups by the shadow government. If they refuse to comply, they will literally be removed.

In order to transform our planet into a loving new reality, as the metaphors in this dream suggested, we first have to identify the problem.

Without knowing what is wrong, we cannot hope to transform it into something that is right.

For this same reason, I applaud the Russians for making this documentary -- even though it could be categorized as "fear porn" due to its content.

Don't forget to turn "closed captions" (CC) on -- i.e. the English subtitles -- by clicking on the CC button.

It seems pretty amazing to have reached this point. So without further ado, check it out!

And don't forget to read Disclosure Imminent? Two Underground NWO Bases Destroyed for all the context not included here.

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Russian TV Documentary on Positive Alliance Destruction of Underground Bases!