Dick Cheney admits Flight 93 was shot down


"Dick Cheney admits to having flight 93 shot out of the sky. The only hijacked plane that had a chance of returning at least some of it's passengers home and Dick destroys it. Why would he do that? The plane had been retaken by it's passengers....remember Todd Beamer's "Let's Roll"? The 9/11 commission's report states flight 93 crash landed as a result of the passenger's revolt against the terrorists. Then along comes Dick stating he had 93 shot down. Should we begin questioning our gov't officials? YES! Should we demand a new and independent investigation of 9/11? YES! BTW. Have you ever heard of bldg7? If you haven't it's because the MSM swept it under the rug on 9/12/01. Should we start questioning the MSM? YES!"