Does anyone have this problem with cable? English in living room Spanish in bedroom


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Unfortunately, we have Comcast x finity and generally not happy with the service all together, yet am leery of switching to satellite or dish because I hear the service skyrockets after the first year. Is this true? So to the problem.

Has anybody heard of two different languages being broadcast to the same apartment. Two different tv's the tv idiot box in the bedroom I use these stations are either half English (sometimes in the day it's English in the bedroom) or full Spanish they are:

Wsfl just switched and saw didn't watch Everybody loves Raymond in Spanish, living room it's in English

The other stations are TNT, TBS, FX, AMC full Spanish and Movie Plex in Spanish in bedroom. English in living room.

Does anyone out there know what this is? :frown:
Sounds like an audio setting on the tv. If both tvs are on the same channel, and they are 2 different languages, then there should be a setting either a button on the remote or a setting in a menu to change the audio. SAP or secondary audio program sounds like it's on. It may be called something different, so poke around in the menus.
Thanks for the idea I will check it out. I was also thinking further on this problem last night and I think it could also be this:

We pay the bill over the phone (saves on postage :)) last month we had paid as soon as the bill comes we can only pay the minimum which does leaves a balance but the minimum is acceptable so far (knock wood) they cut us off after a week and we had to speak to a supervisor (believe it or not there was a $5.99 charge for this) after the cust service rep said they didn't get clearance from the bank (there was enough money in the bank to pay the bill the rep said call the bank and find out why. We did, they said no one from Comcast tried to deduct the amount from the bank Comcast said they did, we got a confirmation number from the automated service and the supervisor said the automated system did not give confirmation numbers anyway she put the checking account number through again and flipped switch or hit the button to turn service back on cost of that little bit of work $5.00 Could it have been this I wonder?

Well they charge $75.00 to come out and check problems, so hope it's this button. We've had nothing but problems with this X-finity they advertise it has a good service truth be told, it can go out on you almost if you give it a dirty look, plus we can't use our dinosaur VCR to play movies or record if we don't feel like watching because the HD box is set on channel 3. :frown: really could use a DVR but they charge extra for the use of one.

Thanks for the idea about the SAP. :) Will check it out and let you know if it was the problem. :)

P.S. Looks like that may have been the problem, will check intermittenly during the day wonder why it didn't affect all stations? Thanks again for the idea :) let's hope it stays this way.
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I used to work tech support for U-verse remember? :) :)

The reason it won't affect all stations is that not all programs/stations broadcast a secondary audio and if they do, it's english as well so you wouldn't notice. Sometimes, when having the SAP on, you will get no sound at all because of the same reason, if there is no secondary audio then it will be as if the tv is muted. :) Glad I could help! :)
Yes you're right there because style channel and E channel(not that that was too much of a loss :) who knows what else weren't broadcasting sound either :) Thank you Lady of Light for helping, I was going to call biotch about it, thus showing how much of an airhead I am, it just goes to show you never know what you learn in the past may help in the future. :) Glad I thought to present it, first. :)

We often think about getting the guarantee prices bundle from AT&T. tv phone and internet (still something she thinks) about on the weekend tv is a wasteland here, :frown: my friend originally subscribed to cable for the variety of choice now all the expanded basic cable networks are ad nauseum repeats of movies and or just sports which we don't follow. Aah decisions deicisions. We're kind of afraid of the technical gobledygook too. I have basic knowledge but start the tech speak with me, well I still don't understand gigabytes, terrabytes and whatever else byte there is out there. I know from doing, never was one for the terminology, glad I didn't try for medical school :)
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