1. White Rabbit

    How They Control us!

    This movie is as relevant today as it was way back in 1939: Stop living in fear!
  2. 2

    Living Dinosaurs In Wikileaks Video And The Likouala Swamp In The Congo

    Notorious Wiki-leaks at it again. Well it looks like something I see sometimes if I watch History 2 or on occassion Discovery channel when they talk about the dinosaurs, and I have heard the rumors too. What do you all think. Real or hoax. Living Dinosaurs In Wikileaks Video And The Likouala...
  3. 2

    Does anyone have this problem with cable? English in living room Spanish in bedroom

    Unfortunately, we have Comcast x finity and generally not happy with the service all together, yet am leery of switching to satellite or dish because I hear the service skyrockets after the first year. Is this true? So to the problem. Has anybody heard of two different languages being...
  4. Denise

    Anastasia - Ancient Roots

    I haven't heard about this prior to this: "Ancient wisdom holds that body and psyche are intricately linked to the living environment, and that direct contact with nature is essential for bodily and mental well-being. This inspiring presentation on our connectedness to the living world within...
  5. L

    Hello everyone

    hmmm... to me, and only myself, (all takers aside) to be hypmotized is to know. I don't know very much, so I guess I haven't been hypmotized much. Which is quite contradictory, For I wish I knew allot. Living as the simple person I am...
  6. M

    Is to much information making people paranoid?

    Chances are that every second person you meet thinks, the government is hiding something. I'm not saying it's not true, but it doesn't always effect our day to day lives as much as we would think. Living in the age of high speed information do you think we are losing our ability to discern fact...
  7. Unhypnotized

    Osama bin Laden?s family missing since 9/11 attacks found living in secret compound i

    Scott Warren Mail Online December 23, 2009 Eight years of uncertainty over the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden’s closest family members has been blown open by a relative’s admission that they are living in a secret compound in Iran. One of the terror mastermind’s wives, six of his children and...
  8. R

    WE Are One

    WE Are One ClarybelC2002 November 07, 2009 If we transcend the limits of our mind we can cease merely living and begin to be one together Source: YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    Value Living

    Value Living V - Value Living All of us were born kicking and fighting to live but we have become used to the soft life. We have become creatures of comfort. We dislike inconveniences and discomforts. What happens when we are faced with a survival situation with its stresses, inconveniences...
  10. R

    Earth Day - April 22

    Earth Day - April 22 Saturday, April 18, 2009 On Wednesday, April 22 is the global Earth Day, Earth Day. A day of awareness about the beauty of our earth. National Geographic Channel also wants its mission highlight "Inspiring People To Care About The Planet". The whole day is devoted to...
  11. R

    Living in the fifth dimension (Steve Rother)

    Living in the fifth dimension (Steve Rother) Wednesday, April 15/09 This is a free preview of the Living in the 5th Dimension seminar presented by Steve and Barbara Rother and Light Worker. It was later turned into a DVD. At the end is part of the live channel that was presented from the...