Dolphins 'call each other by name'

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They are way more intelligent the we think!

Bottlenose dolphin Researchers have long suspected dolphins use distinctive whistles to identify themselves Continue reading the

Scientists have found further evidence that dolphins call each other by "name".

Research has revealed that the marine mammals use a unique whistle to identify each other.


A team from the University of St Andrews in Scotland found that when the animals hear
their own call played back to them, they respond.

The study is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Dr Vincent Janik, from the university's Sea Mammal Research Unit, said: "(Dolphins) live in this three-dimensional environment, offshore without any kind of landmarks and they need to stay together as a group.

"These animals live in an environment where they need a very efficient system to stay in touch."

Signature whistles

It had been-long suspected that dolphins use distinctive whistles in much the same way that humans use names.Previous research found that these calls were used frequently, and dolphins in the same groups were able to learn and copy the unusual sounds. But this is the first time that the animals response to being addressed by their "name" has been studied.
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I had heard about the "name identification" program which is really wonderful.

Have also seen work that studied the fact that some male dolphins will actually devise their own form of underwater " basketball" if they can find something to use as a ball...and something to "dunk" it into...... and they will even split into " teams" working one group in offensive and the other in defensive positions....

Haven't found which one is the "official" as far as the rules go....<g>

And oddly the females don't play.... or are simply not invited. Haven't figured that one out yet.

The dolphins I am speaking of are called " Spinners".... maybe some of you have seen them?They will jump into the air (sometimes in a boats wake)..... and then rotate high in the air in a wonderful display! They actually start the spin in the water and seem to enjoy doing it.

They also recognize certain boats and will consistantly "meet and greet" boats of their choice.

Special creatures. Linda
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