Friday, April 10, 2009


Every Monday is a representation of the many areas of possible imagination. We weave dreams. We are the dream weavers. We play with many of the imagination of the Universal dreamer. We dream, new dream of a special kind, the dream of the Spirit in matter.

All matter is steeped in spirit light. We dream without the outcome in mind, when we form patterns or designs that were previously locked up in our essence, the Universal dreamer. We dream of many of the possible future of mankind. Every dream is our full energy and attention. The dream is made possible by the love that we share the creation.

Each possibility is the expression of the Universal dreamer. Each option vibrates, and is attracting new experiences at the lower levels. Levels by running, dreams We relations in the perception of reality in every dimension. Each world represents the various stages of possibilities and potentials. We, the Star, depict. We dream of you and your world in the making. We filter down energetic patterns, which we may seek opportunities. We are a team, that the implementation possible. We bring the energy initiative, which is needed for each event, a step further. Infinite possibilities we put in motion.

You have an energy system that you call a chakra system, each chakra is in force. They seem on the ley lines of the planet and the planetary chakras appear on the axes, such as Stonehenge. All chakra systems of the body and the planet are interconnected and, thus, connected to the universal chakras. We influence the energy of the planet, by the ebb and flow "movements of our energy in the major and minor energy focal points or chakras of the Earth. We influence these planetary systems by transforming the energy in the chakras and the surrounding areas. We do this by sending energy along the axes or leylines.

Until recently, our energy is not the greatest influence, since it is not completely the astral barrier could penetrate that surrounds your planet. This barrier was a quarantine barrier, built to the energy spread of negativism in the surrounding cosmos beings. When our energy was able to pass the barrier and thus influence your planet, we had the opportunity many exciting changes in your earthly civilization to bring about. All great change, we were present and reinforced the Earth with divine inspirational energy.

We influence the global energy system to filter down to that chakra system of the body activates. We are currently working on activating the process of the ninth chakra opening. This chakra will finally near the body and connect the external energy of the planet. Once this has done is, We the process of opening the Galactic Chakra go and then the Universal Chakra. You can help in the process by visualizing the light of a star that radiates from you.

For every first movement in any energy field, we are there. The first spontaneous impulse to the change of direction in our energy policy. Our energy is composed of a substance that is aware of many within his sphere, so us. Our inspiration energy in waves sent to your planet. Your planet has not enjoyed the energy as it changes direction and time needed for the fruit harvest.

The power or strength of the wave causes the required cleaning of structures and forces that may change the movement to block. When the wave collides with your three-dimensional reality, it seems as if the destruction caused. Cleaning of the opposing forces (energy) is needed to create space for new energies to create. The energy that we in the chakra system of your planet bring manifest itself in your world as a sudden inspiration that brings about changes in thoughts, feelings and even in the body. Sometimes we focus our energy on a single individual, making drastic changes consciousness. We bring the inspiration reflected in visions, cosmic revelations and spontaneous creative impulses.

With the building of energy we push the blocks to change. The transformed blocks of the lower chakras can the conscious mind to be removed. When all blocks are removed, explodes the light of our energy to spontaneous expressions, such as revelation and realization. This, by itself, the first movement of change in consciousness. We feel a great excitement when we, from our field, emit energies to geometric, patterns of creation, acting as a sign of our work.

The sixth dimension is the place of language and models. Everything we make is with our energetic pattern. Identification do things intuitively know who is responsible for the delivered work. This gives creatures the ability to recognize, in the midst of chaos, the hallmark of the contract and the divine plan.

We call on all our own selves in a space and time, where we can all work together to increase energy to broadcast. Each will own a part of the energy manifested by the activation of their chakras. We 'networks' this energy together and create in ourselves a feeling of ecstatic bliss, when we emit more energy. We look beyond and are full of joy in the realm of our creation and observe the feature of our work in responding, answering and manifestations of complex patterns in the lower dimensions.

(translated: Harmen Schouwerwou Nieuwe pagina 1)

Translated version of http://www.star-people.nl/index.php?module=news&id=151
Source: unitynet.nl