Droning for Dorner- The Internalization of the Enemy


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by Zen Gardner

This Dorner situation is just too obvious. It’s clearly a Sandy Hook for drones and will certainly keep morphing into more useful police state images and enemy branding. They can’t help themselves.

After all, never let a good crisis go to waste.

Now we have a rogue cop (assuming all this really happened or is happening) being hunted down amidst the general population. Who’s gonna be next? Get used to it, people. This is the first of many. We are officially in a fascist gulag..the barbed wire can’t be far behind.

“Tell a big enough lie…” And the American people bought it. Again.

The Osama BombaRama Imprint They were supposedly looking for the lanky turbaned fellow with the magic cell phone in Afghan caves to kick off the decimation and occupation of the resource rich strategic middle east. This has taken almost 13 years to not accomplish since we’re still there, and has deliberately bled into several countries and drained the US economy like a vampire.

As designed.

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Linda Brown

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Hi Jvadnais.. can you tell me what you mean exactly by

"This Dorner situation is just too obvious. It’s clearly a Sandy Hook for drones "

Too obvious? A Sandy Hook for drones????

You lost me on that one.

Perhaps I should register my dismay a little about the phrase " (assuming all this really happened or is happening).... I live not too far from all that " action" and I can assure you that it happened. The news still is tweaking some of the story but generally it was a tragedy all the way around and people lost their lives. I find it sort of reprehensible that you could sit wherever you are and doubt that it happened at all. Put your boots on the ground... listen to the police scanners.... see the helicopters.... I can be as cynical as the next but please when policemen are killed simply sitting at a stop light... by the same man who opens fire on others.... killing another.... please don't insult their memory or their families grief by questioning from your armchair whether it actually happened or not.

I have a feeling though that I understand your style of thinking. My husband is from Mass. too... Cape Cod to be exact....it is standard for him to suspect anything and everything... and to his way of thinking ...if he doesn't already know about something... its probably not worth knowing.... and corruption in police departments.... has sort of a historic ring to it.... doesn't it.... so I understand your being wary of " uniforms"....and I do know that Christopher Dorner probably had a few good points to be made about the LAPD.....but shooting your way into recognition is not the way....I think he broke under pressure....thats what his girl friend said of him..... And I doubt that much of the real story will ever be told...

But I would plead with you not to add to the consternation and grief of others by suggesting that this " shoot out" didn't happen... or that it was somehow all staged. Thats just too easy a route to take. It happened . People lost their lives...he somehow decided to take the route that he knew would lead to his death.....At this point... its just " is what it is"....

At least thats my perception and opinion.

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