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The Zionist entity’s outgoing defense minister, Gen. Ehud Barak 70, has painted a very dark picture of Israel’s close allies (the US, Germany, Britain, Germany, France, Canada and Australia). In his farewell speech to the Knesset foreign and defense committee on March 11. He said that Israel cannot rely even on its close allies for its security, regardless of pledges made to defend Israel.

“When the world, including our good friends, says ‘don’t worry, we’ll know to take care of even the worst case scenarios,’ I say, don’t take that for granted,” Barak said. Talk about ungratefull Zionists, eh!

Barak also stated that Israeli Jews would never feel safe in Palestine unless Israel make a peace treaty with the Palestinians. However, he boasted that Israel had the most powerful military force in the region and that no other regional country is capable of successfully attacking Israel by air or over ground. Well, he was right. None of Israel’s neighbors ever attacked Israel. It’s the Jewish army which has attacked all its neighbors since 1948.

“Smart people with whom we speak in the world believe the root of the whole problem in the Middle East is connected to our inability to reach a peace treaty with the Palestinians,” he added.

Ehud Barak’s whining represent the typical nature of most Israeli leaders. They believe, that no matter how much their allies bend backward to please the “G-d’s chosen people”, the “chosen people” cannot trust these Gentile allies. Rabbi Eric Yoffie, for example wrote at Israeli daily Ha’aretz on March 12, that the success of Barack Obama’s coming trip to Israel would depend on how much he agrees with Netanyahu on; release of Israel’s master-spy Jonathan Pollard, military action against Iran and the new Jewish settlements.

Zionist-controlled mainstream media has long succeeded in convincing Americans that Israel is “America’s only ally” in the Middle East. However, Israel’s past actions have proved the entity to be “America’s worst enemy” in the region. Historians know that Israel attacked the USS Liberty in 1967, killing 34 Americans and wounding 171. Historians also know that Israeli agents firebombed American diplomatic and cultural missions in Cairo and Alexandria in 1954 in the infamous “Lavon Affair” (named after Israeli Defense Minister Pinhas Lavon), to make it falsely appear that Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser was the culprit. Scholars and even some Israeli historians are of the opinion that Israel committed the 9/11 terrorist attack. Israeli Mossad has a history of using American Jewish citizen to steal US defense secrets. Jonathan Pollard is one such traitors, who are considered “heroes” in Israel. Last year, three former CIA high-ranking officials, including a station chief in Israel, had claimed that they’re victims of Israeli espionage agencies.

Former US ambassador to Qatar (1977), Andrew I. Killgore, said: “The US media protection of Israel goes beyond either the ‘opposite test” or the ‘memory hole.’ It has reached the ‘it never happened’ level, based upon the dictum that if something isn’t reported in the American media, it’s not reality. Thus an event the U.S. media doesn’t report becomes a non-event, and partisans of Israel get away with branding any account of such an event a lie. Thus American public opinion is manipulated to Israel’s benefit, not by the Israeli media but by ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, National Public Radio and, to only a slightly lesser extent, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and other national dailies which once were called America’s ‘newspapers of record.” Killgore, also represented US in Germany, UK, New Zealand, Jordan, Iraq, Iran and Pakistan. Killgore, recalled how Israeli Mossad agents failed in their attempt to assassinate US ambassador to Lebanon, John Gunther Dean, with US supplied weapons in Lebanon in 1979. On January 7, 1997, the Israeli lobby group, Anti-Defamation League (ADL) thanked US State Department for “disassociating” itself from Killmore’s criticism of Israeli policy.

Ehud Barak: “Israel cannot rely on its allies” | Rehmat's World