Ed Grimsley: UFO Wars In The Sky - IUFOC 2009


Ed Grimsley: UFO Wars In The Sky - IUFOC 2009
Friday, April 24/09

Ed Grimsley has been seeing battles between unknown aircraft in the night skies since he was a teenager. Ed sees what appears to be Delta shaped and Saucer shaped aircraft in space shooting at each other, using what look like laser weapons. He has seen hundreds of these objects recently and uses military-grade night vision binoculars. Many people have come to his area and viewed the objects shooting it out in earth space.
Using his night vision glasses, as skep tics who thought he was' seeing things' have now been convinced that what Ed Grimsley has been trying to tell people about all these years is very real.

Source: youtube

Translated version of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJrKY05aFs0&feature=rec-HM-fresh+div