Erdogan urges Turkish wife to have 3 kids


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Faced with the shrinking young Turkish population, Turkish prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called upon Turkish wives to have at least three children on several occasions, which has infuriated secularists, feminists and the Jewish-owned media. All of them have blamed such calls as an interference in one’s private life and against women’s rights. According to the western feminist groups, a woman’s body is her property and she should be free to use it as she wishes.

On Thursday, Erdogan in a speech at his Justice and Development Party (AKP), said: “They’re saying I’m interfering in their lives when I call on wives to have at least three children. We have not brought out a legal obligation for this. This is something optional. But I, as a prime minister, am recommending three children. This is my most natural rights. We’re not holding gun to anybody’s head (to have three children).”

“It’s okey when Putin says in Russia, but it’s not when Edogan says it in Turkey. How could this happen?”, Erdogan asked.

America’s Ms Magazine, founded by two top Zionist Jewish feminists, Gloria Steinem and Letty Cottin Pogrebin, in an article published on June 11, 2013, linked Erdogan’s call to the anti-government protests in Gezi Park.

“When tens of thousands in Turkey took to protesting the government, begining at the end of May, the demographics were astonishing to many global observers; At least half of the protesters are women. What is it about Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government that has so many women fighting back? Because this government is anti-women,” wrote Ponta Abadi (a Sephardi Jew), print managing editor at Oregan Daily Emerald.

However, Abadi forgot to mention that more than 90% of women protesters wore Islamic Hijab.

The Rothschild family owned weekly Economist reported on June 2, 2013 that the anti-AKP government protests were not about Gezi Park, but “the expression of the long-stifled resentment felt by nearly half of the electorate who did not vote for the ruling Justice and Development (AK) party in the June 2011 parliamentary elections“.

Erdogan has blamed foreign anti-Islamists for stirring up anti-government protests in Turkey to destablize the country. Ironically, Erdogan supports the very same foreign anti-Assad governments. Damascus gleefully warned Erdogan to curb the violent repression, listen to “his people”, or resign.

Erdogan’s term as prime minister expires in 2015. Abdullah Gul will be retiring from Presidency in 2014. Turkish press has reported the AKP is planning to change country’s Constitution to remove the post of prime minister and make President as head of the Executive Branch. This will allow Erdogan to stay in power for many years to come.

Several Jewish groups in North America and Europe slammed Turkish deputy prime minister Besir Atalay for blaming the “Jewish Diaspora” for the anti-government protests that started in Istanbul in May this year. “The antisemitic nature of this conspiratorial statement would be distrubing if uttered by anyone in Turkey,” said ADL Boss Abraham Foxman. Incidentally, in 2005, Abbe Foxman presented Erdogan with ADL’s highest “Courage to Care Award” in appreciation to Turkey’s saving 100,000 European Jews between 1939-41. Most of these Jews end-up in British occupied Palestine. In 2004, American Jewish Congress presented Erdogan with “Profiles in Courage” award for “promoting peace between Jews and Muslims”.

Last month, Michael Rubin, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), an Israeli advocacy group, urged both AJC and ADL to revoke the awards. He also criticized Barack Obama for “toasting Erdogan” at the White House.

Last month, Aleppo University (Syria) stripped Erdogan of his honorary Ph.D awarded to him in 2009 when Erdogan was negotiating a peace dialogue between Damascus and Tel Aviv. Khodr Orfaly, president of the university, accused Erdogan of instigating “plots against the Syrian people”. A large percentage of Turkish people agree with Orfaly’s allegation.

In December 2012, Russian President Vladimir Putin encouraged Russians to have at least three kids, in order to stop the demographic decline. “For Russia to be sovereign and strong, there should be more of us. I’m sure that a family with three children should be the norm for Russia. But much needs to be done to make this happen,” Putin said in his annual speech to the Federal Assembly of both houses of parliament.

Turkey’s birth rate/1000 population is 17.58 as compared to Russia’s 10.97, America’s 13.68, Israel’s 18.97, Iran’s 18.52 and Canada’s 10.28. The population in western nations is on decline due to couples preferring one or two children and large gay/lesbian communities. United States has the largest gay/lesbian community in the world: Estimated to be over 28 million.

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