First spacewalk Discovery launched


First spacewalk Discovery launched
Thursday, March 19, 2009

Two astronauts from the U.S. space shuttle Discovery to the first spacewalk of the mission started at the fourth and final set of solar panels to the International Space Station ISS to install. Steven Swanson and Richard Arnold started at 18.16 hours on the trip that would last 6.5 hours. S6 must get completely back on the right of the gebinte the ISS come.

In the complex itself serve the Japanese Koichi Wakata and American John Phillips the robotic arm of the complex to the solar panels on to their attachment point to. Wednesday was the Leviathan, by using the "train" on the ISS and the robot arms and space shuttle Discovery from the Meccano met and an end put to that point.

The third spacewalk of the career of Swanson and the first Arnold. (belga / odbs)

Steven Swanson (R) is helped by Lee Archambault.



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