I have heard legends and stories that there is evidence that the Earth is either Hollow or Football stadium shaped. Many ancient cultures seem to believe it certainly wasn't spherical. I have also heard of expeditions near the North pole where explorers would find warm, tropical-like lands populated with mythic beasts and peoples of archaic lore. Shamballa, Atlantis, Agartha, Thule, etc., all could be distant lands beyond our maps. Obviously, this sounds very farfetched given our knowlegable scientific community, but I just need some clarification or more theories.

ron k

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When I was a kid, I read about Admiral Byrd's expedition in which it was supposedly reported that they found a strange place at the Pole. Since then our knowledge of the planet has increased and also become accessible to all of us who are interested enough to want to know. I truly wish for something beyond us on Earth, and most fervently wish for Atlantis or Mu or Lemuria, but the sad fact at least according to the evidence is that these places never existed. That being said, my personal belief is that there have been advanced cultures we know little or nothing about as yet, and maybe the best is yet to come regarding past achievements of humanity brought back to the light of day.
The planet "used" to be spherical but after the 2004 Tsunami it was moved off it's axis and the shape distorted. I believe the planet could actually be hollow (in places) but thats just me talking.