1. D

    Sandy Hook, Aurora Shootings Hoaxes To Promote Gun Control

    Pinal Conty, Arizona — Conspiracy theorists point out the Aurora and Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings were elaborate hoaxes shot to enhance measures for new laws on gun control. Conspiracy theorists charged against their insensitivity in the past, yet asked to censor their wild theories...
  2. D

    Purpose Of Clouverse: Conspiracy Investigation

    Detroit, Michigan — Clouverse is a group-oriented, forum-based social network for collaborative discussions on conspiracy theories. Group-oriented, in that Clouverse focuses on the community solving the major conspiracies underlining the world. Members, called investigators, collaborate on...
  3. D

    Kennedy Assassination “Business-Plot” Style Coup

    Mexia, Texas — According to insiders, John F. Kennedy’s assassination symbolized a coup of America from democratic republicanism to corporate fascism. Many theorists designate the end of America occurred November 22nd, 1963. Conspiracy investigators and theorists, implicate George Bush Sr. in an...
  4. R

    Malcolm X’s grandson murdered in Mexico city

    Malcolm Latif Shabazz 29, grandson of world renowned Afro-American Muslim human rights activist, Malcolm X (Al-Hajj Malik el Shahbaz) died in a Mexico city hospital as result of racial beating on Thursday. Mexico’s attorney general’s office said a murder investigation was under way. Malcolm...
  5. R

    Zionists condemns Beirut University for honoring UN Envoy

    On April 30, 2013, the American University of Beirut (AUB) hosted the anti-Zionist American Jewish professor Richard Falk, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights for the Palestinian Territories. He was a guest speaker in the “Bill and Sally Hambrecht Distinguished Peacemakers...
  6. Lady of Light

    Flying Black Triangles Sightings Recently In Detroit, Michigan as well as Other Places

    On March 29th 2013 in the skies above Detroit Michigan was sighted a large black triangle "ship" of some sort. This UFO and others like it have been spotted for many years in many locations; this one seems to be the most recent and it hits home because as most of you already know, is not far...
  7. P

    The New Girl

    Hello, I am new here. I stumbled across this forum and thought it was pretty cool. I love conspiracy theories and debunking rumours of world catastrophes such as doomsday theories. I don't believe in doomsday prophecies, I feel like they are the smoke covering the screen, or the government...
  8. R

    Israel’s big brother hesitant to attack Iran

    Barack Obama told Israel’s TV Channel 2 ahead of his visit to Israel next week that Washington was committed to cover Israel’s back from Iranian attack no matter what. He also said that Washington considers an Iranian nuclear weapon as the “red line” that threatens Israel and its big brother...
  9. R

    Hagel and the nonexistent ‘Friends of Hamas’

    Zionist logic: “Since former Sen. Chuck Hagel refused to bid for Israel, he must be receiving money from Hamas or Iran!”. That’s the logic which drove Ben Shapiro, Jewish Breitbart News’ editor-at-large, to post a lie on February 7, 2013, titled ‘Secret Hagel Donor?: White house Spox Ducks...
  10. R

    Jewish Lobby: ‘Iran has nukes’!

    The Jewish media is not in the habits of practicing journalistic ethics when it comes to reporting about the Islamic Republic. The latest example is an article by Lee Smith published in Jewish Tablet Magazine, on february 14, 2013. In the article, the Jewish journalist claims that since “North...
  11. Hewy

    [Must Read!] What are the arguments for the Hollow Earth theory?

    What are the arguments for the Hollow Earth theory? I have heard about it before but it sounds too... odd, to be true, so what are the arguments?
  12. R

    The first Black Pope!

    Americans got their first Black President in 2008 after over three centuries. Now, some pundits are predicting that Ghanian Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson (born 1948) could be the first Black Pope of the Catholic Church in 2000 years. Both Obama and Turkson have one thing in common – both...
  13. ianchris948

    [Idea!] YouTube, Alex Jones, Disinformation and Propaganda

    I'm not sure if this is the correct forum but I would like to share an observation. I have noticed a number of "conspiracy theory" documentary-type videos on YouTube, some of which appear to me as fake.The thought crossed my mind that YouTube might be pushing this content in order to spark some...
  14. V

    Hello everybody!

    My username is Vermeiren and I am new to this site. I listen to Alex Jones as often as I can. I am learniing about nutrition and how the global elites have been poisoning our water supply. I also watch conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura as often as I can. I don't have cable so I do it...
  15. ianchris948

    [Must Watch!] This is no conspiracy theory

    This is the final clip to a video I put together. Youtube removed the final edit. I am not allowed to post links yet but the Youtube link ends with " ad9ZVqMBd2E "
  16. ianchris948

    [Must See!] B*tch please! I am Ale-Ale-Alejandro! Yes, that one. So you've heard of me?

    My name is Alejandro and this isn't the first forum community I have joined. I always manage to get myself kicked out and banned for life so please feel free to place your bets at how long I’ll last here. Sometimes I get kicked out for saying I wrote a book. No one ever likes that, I still...
  17. R

    Egyptian President says “Jews” control US media!

    The latest Israel Hasbara (propaganda lie) against Egyptian president Dr. Mohamed Morsi is hillarious. According to the Jewish Telegraph Agency (January 23, 2013), Morsi told US congressional delgate last week that “he gets bad US press because “certain forces” control the media“. The Jewish...
  18. R

    Germans’ hate and love for Jews and Israel

    The other day, two news about Zionist regime’s closest European ally, Germany, caught my attention. In one news item Jewish media praised Germans for voting Marina Weisband 25, a Ukraine-born Jewish politician as country’s “sexist female politician”. She is member of ‘Pirate Party Germany’. She...
  19. Truth Vibrations

    Sandy Hook Hero, Harassed By Conspiracy Theorists Gene Rosen, Sandy Hook Hero, Harassed By Conspiracy Theorists Who Claim He's An Actor Newtown truthers: Where conspiracy theories come from...
  20. R

    Israel and the “Iranian Threat”

    Yesterday, Zionist prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a group of visiting US Senators that if relected his first priority would be to stop Iran acquiring a nuclear bomb by all means (Israel has between 240-400 nuclear bombs of its own). He thanked the group for their blind support for the...