Fluoridation of Salt to Fight Cavities?

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How is salt going to fight cavities?

by Zen Gardner

This was a wake up for me. I was traveling abroad last year and noticed the salt was fluoridated on every label I read. I wondered why but soon realized the mountainous countries I visited couldn’t possibly control the fresh water flow into its many cities. So sure enough, here’s a way to get your dumbing-down fluoride if you can’t dump it into a central water works.

Fluoridate the salt. Of course. Just like they did at German concentration camps.

It’s reinforced so strictly in some countries that it’s illegal to produce salt WITHOUT fluoride.

Go figure. Where the hell could such a centralized mandate come from? The implication is that fluoride is an absolutely ESSENTIAL additive.

Damn them. What bullshit.

These elitists are everywhere instigating this perversion of natural life. All with corporate and local industrial American influenced backing I might add. All sell outs against the good of the many.

What an indictment.

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I guess they feel not enough people are getting fluoride from the water. Just remember fluoride only works topically, how many people put salt or water topically on their teeth? Fluoride hurts your brain when you swallow it.
Why don't they just asked people to drink fluoride directly? This stuff is poison folks, they've been using it to kill rats and cockroaches for years. Get it out of our water, don't put in our salt!