1. Truth Vibrations

    The Dark Act and GMO food Labeling

    Great information here. We all need to be aware of GMOs and the impact they have on our families.
  2. WhiteFeather

    An old Cherokee, teaching his grandson about life

    Words to live by!
  3. Truth Vibrations

    Fluoridation of Salt to Fight Cavities?

    How is salt going to fight cavities? by Zen Gardner This was a wake up for me. I was traveling abroad last year and noticed the salt was fluoridated on every label I read. I wondered why but soon realized the mountainous countries I visited couldn’t possibly control the fresh water flow into...
  4. Truth Vibrations

    David Icke - Empathy ....CEASEFIRE!!

    Consciousness does not do fear - mind does fear. To fight means you are in danger of becoming that which you fight.

    Fire Breathing trick gone wrong - Hudson Street Fair

    Volunteer Fire Fight Save's Girls (Val) Life
  6. R

    Growing tired of the fight......ricklbert

    Growing tired of the fight......ricklbert Well as the title says i have been taking many blows to myself in the past few months trying to help people understand the fight we fight and my heart feels that i tread one step forward and slip three steps back. In this ever changing world were...
  7. R

    Canadian Taxpayers Fight Back

    Read this Canadian Taxpayers Fight Back with a Proposed Landmark Class Action Lawsuit Against the Minister of National Revenue | PressReleasePoint
  8. R

    More Canadian News

    I guess that were giving up the fight.