Former UNEP-Chieftain and Bilderberger Admitted to ?International Consensus? on Popul


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Jurriaan Maessen
InfowarsDecember 6, 2009

Klaus Töpfer, 1996 Bilderberg attendee and former Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) admitted in 2000 that there is an “international consensus” on worldwide population control. During a speech given in Berlin in the beginning of the new millennium, Töpfer stated:

Klaus Töpfer, 1996 Bilderberg attendee and former Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).“Most people and policymakers are unaware that there is an international consensus that grounds population policy in human rights and development, emphasizing building the capacities of women to manage their own lives.”

Here Töpfer admits not only that there is an international consensus to ground population policy in the concepts of “human rights and development”, but also that most people and policymakers are unaware of this consensus.

Töpfer should know. He Bilderberg Meetings Participant Lists 1954 2009a Bilderberg meeting back in 1989, organized in La Toja, Spain and the Bilderberg 1996 held near Toronto, Canada, from May 30 to June 2 1996. Besides being a Bilderberger and former UNEP-chieftain, Klaus Töpfer is also a member of the Club of Rome. In 2004 he contributed to the Club’s publication ‘Sustainability Creates New Prosperity: Basis for a New World Order, New Economics and Environmental Protection’.

In his speech in 2000, Töpfer stresses the point:

“Policymakers rarely contemplate long time periods and connections between disparate sets of issues, especially controversial ones. Nonetheless, at the dawn of the new century the world faces a host of environmental and security risks strongly connected to the growing size of human population and the growing affluence of some, but not all, of that population.”

Ominously, the Executive Director appeared to manifest a crystal ball:

“Future changes in global population will contribute significantly to the need for such integrated, long-term approaches to environmental problems.”

On another occasion, the Executive Director of UNEP called for the creation of a new global religion:

“We have to develop the ecological, holistic wold view which connects us with the rest of Nature- both materially and spiritually. Religious traditions emphasize this connection. Our task should be to retrieve these basic symbols and doctrines within each tradition and translate them into clear prescription for public policy and behavior.”

This statement about the “international consensus” reaffirms that which we already know, namely that the global elite have their noses pointed in the same direction when it comes to the world’s human inhabitants and the “need” to curb their numbers.