FOX4 News: UFOs Kansas City, MO - Oct. 4 - 6th, 2011

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Are they airplanes? Helicopters? Visitors from another planet? Those are the questions that some metro residents are asking after strange lights were reported in the skies over Kansas City this week.

The lights were captured on cell phone video shot on Monday night near Van Brunt and 47th Street in Kansas City. According to the Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON, people have reported bright, shooting lights and hovering craft in the skies across the area on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night.

"We do have other reports of very large craft hovering in different areas, and that's quite unusual because normal airplanes do not have that behavior. Helicopters do, but these are not described as helicopters," said Margie Kay, assistant state director for MUFON.

Kay says that MUFON has contacted area airports, and has found that some of the 82 reported sightings could be explained as stunt planes. But she says that quite a few of the reports are still unexplained,4234162.story

Apparantley a Flight team claims responsibility for UFO reports in Kansas City