Detroit: New report of "huge" UFO "monstrosity" over Detroit - multiple witnesses - makes Fox 2 News

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Many reports of UFOs over Detroit made local news. Credit: Fox 2
A new eyewitness report has surfaced about a set of widely reported triangle UFOs that flew over the Detroit area in January.

The strange lights and craft made news headlines (see below) when Facebook and other internet buzz over the UFOs surged during the second week of the year.

The new account submitted to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) offers an explicit description of the UFOs as they flew over the "alarmed" witness.

The unnamed witness said that they heard an "unprecedented rumble for about ten minutes" before they looked out the window of their suburban Detroit home. What they saw next, "seemed like a movie to see this monstrosity," said the witness.

The compelling witness description filed with MUFON follows:

I heard unprecedented rumble for about ten minutes before I looked out the window to check the source since it seemed to be approaching my location in suburban Detroit.

I immediately noticed a very unusual shaped object that seemed huge -- for a moment I thought a jet plane was crashing down toward me and I was alarmed to say the least. This was roughly triangular, with lights on 5 points of the vehicle.

I kept watching, noting a white one that glowed in the (apparent) front, and on either side were two amber lights on each (apparent) wing. It seemed like a movie to see this monstrosity, then I realized it was NOT moving quickly at all and I glanced further out the window and saw a whole series of these light formations. Some were triangular like the one overhead and others were small circular amber-colored smaller lights that flickered around the line of aerial curiosities.

I was anchored to the floor it seemed, I couldn't take my eye off this remarkable the same time I was dumbstruck in awe at the string of these unprecedented airborne illuminated objects.

I heard additional sounds that turned out to be real helicopters that suddenly swarmed overhead, I sensed these were "our" vehicles, reacting to the invaders. I was home alone, and turned on the TV to several cable channel news stations and no mention was made.

The whole line of objects was so remarkable I couldn't believe that thousands of people MUST have heard this noise and/or seen these lights. I have never seen anything like this before and I've seen unexplained phenomena throughout my life. The next day I checked online and sure enough folks from the Detroit/SE Michigan had phoned the TV and newspapers carried it too.

I've not since heard the rumble nor seen any peculiar lights or airborne craft of inexplicable design configuration. This seemed to me to be as obvious as the sighting over Phoenix awhile back, there was NO effort to block visibility.

If these loud bright objects represent the next-generation stealth aircraft, then we are in some deep fertilizer, friends. This was as stealthy as a roman candle display on the 4th of July!!