Garbage Bags sit Everywhere in the Heart of Manhattan

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Garbage Bags sit Everywhere in the Heart of Manhattan - CNN iReport

New York - Hello everyone, I'm Myint Hlaing, reporting live from Starbucks coffee shop at the corner of 6th avenue and 56th street, Manhattan, New York.

When I wake up this morning, I saw many household garbage bags are everywhere in my neighbourhood. Not only in Brooklyn, my friends in Queens and Manhattan also told me the same story, the DSNY have not been picked up the household trashes since December 26, when the blizzard hits New York, and we hope that the city may pick up today.

We were waiting for a whole day long, the situation is the same in our neighbourhood. This evening, my wife told me that you can easily to see a pile of 6 feet high garbage bags, 20 feet long and 4 - 5 feet high garbage bags everywhere in the heart of Manhattan, 60th - 77th street (between 5th avenue and Lexington avenue). It is still take place in the sidewalk and no one take care it.

So, I decided to go and check the situation on the ground. After I got off the subway and walked to street level of 77th street, No. 6 train station, the pile of the garbage bags were waiting for me.

You can easily see the garbage bags everywhere in that area too. I shot some picture and tried to speak with the doorman of some of the apartments. One doorman was refused to discuss about the garbage bags story. But the other one eagerly spoke to me. He said "the last garbage pick up time was Thursday, It is not last Thursday, one week before last Thursday. Since then, no one pick up the garbage bags till when I spoke to him, around 7:30 PM tonight. They think their garbage bags may pick up today but no one show up.

I walk along 5th avenue from 74th street to 59th street. Most of the sidewalks are filled with the household garbage bags next to the apartment building. I took some photos and decided to send the news report to CNN.

When I look for the nearby Starbucks coffee shop, one of the staff in Trump Tower told me that there are one Starbucks coffee shop at the corner of 56th street and 6th avenue. I walked along 56th street from 5th avenue to 6th avenue. When I nearly reach to 6th avenue, I was shocked. There are more than 20 foot long and 4 - 5 foot high garbage bags are filled the sidewalk of 56th street. You can see that garbage bags in my first picture.

I don't know why, the city take a lot of time to take care of that task. I never have such a experience before.