George P. Bush: A Political Dynasty's Young Hope


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George P. Bush: A Political Dynasty's Young Hope - Molly Ball - The Atlantic

Having been an up-and-coming political scion practically his whole life, Bush seems to finally be on the brink of stepping into his destiny, and if this is bad news for opponents of dynastic politics, it is music to the ears of Bushworld.

Well, isn't this just what we need? The others have been so good for the state of the nation that it just seems natural to keep a good thing rolling.

Or then people could wise up. Please do so before there are regrets.

I can see how this guy might seem appealing on the surface, but just as sure as shooting, a Bush is still a Bush once you've scratched him. The guy has been groomed for it since birth. He may look like a sweet guy who wouldn't harm a fly and who just wants what the rest of us want, but I can guarantee right now, he wants a lot more of it than the rest of us and he wouldn't bat an eye at taking it - just like his forefathers have done.

Don't be fooled. Well, don't be fooled again.