Giant UFO Cube Orbiting Earth's Sun Discovered In NASA PHOTOS!!!

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Giant Black Cube Orbiting Earth's Sun Detected on NASA's SOHO photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: June 28, 2011
Location of sighting: Earth's Sun

For the last few weeks I have been monitoring the SOHO photographs of the Sun. Why? Because I have been seeing the strangest things imaginable and I want to show you what I found. Sure it looks like a Borg ship, but honestly a square shape UFO is logical since it could house more individuals because of its use of space.

On June 28 I found what looked like a mistake in the photo, but looks more like a black cube that is in orbit around our sun. Sure, one photo mistake right? Wrong, NASA and SOHO have the most advanced telescopic equipment available. For a cube to be missing from the photo either it was cut out by NASA to hide something is a cube flying in orbit around the sun? Crazy, I think not. How often do you look directly at the sun...never because it will damage you eyes. So it would go unnoticed, however scientists around the world have stated there are UFOs orbiting the sun many times larger than the earth.

I have recorded three instances of this cube flying around in different positions this month. Take a look at the photos and see what your think.

Source: NASA/SOHO photos








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OMG! The Borg are coming for us! LOL!

Seriously, what is that?

Maybe its one of the altered photos and their blotting out something?

100th Monkey

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It does have a Borg cube like resemblance, lol

I think they are censoring something out, probably a square object :disillusionment:


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what if it IS a borg cube? And what if that other object, you know, the spherical one, is a borg sphere? I guess that means we're all in trouble unless we go take notes from all those star trek episodes, and movie. lol.

I doubt it's something square that was blocked out. I think it may have been just lazy editing if it is a block-out. Which could be, because it doesn't seem to have the same resolution as the image of the sun.

tell me more

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I'm not really a Star Trek fan, so I don't really know what you guys are talking about, but it does look cubic to me rather than a square blotch. I think the aliens are coming back. I hope they're not the ones to harm us.