Gold price rises and the influence of unusual people..


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Gold price rises to all-time high: Click here for full report!
George Green came to mind when I saw this article.

Also, living in Australia has shown a strangeness in climate change.
Not long ago 500 houses were lost by ravishing bush fires.
Early this year we had the worst bush fire incident where more than 100 people were burned alive.
Last two weeks we had the worst Dust storms in 70 years.
I walked outside and I couldn't see the nearby mountains, because of the thickness of the dust cloud.

Earthquakes and tsunamis in Samoa and Indonesia last week had a terrible effect in the respective regions.

This is nothing new.
Natural disasters have always occurred throughout history all over the world.
I guess, one has to be there to realize the power and force of such events.
I can still remember the Food Riots in Argentina in the late 1980s.
I was there and noticed the anxiety of the people around me.

What is the point of this thread?
I don't know!
What ever you want it to be, I guess.

Originally, I was thinking about "Unusual People" and what they have to teach (if anything at all).
I have met some very odd individuals in the past.
At times, people who spontaneously seem to appear and who happen to make a remark or say something very profound and then vanish without a trace.
Without the Supernatural, life would have less meaning.:smoke:

I think, it's all about "Becoming".
My primary sensory intake is the visual cortex.
It projects my surroundings, describing the world around me.
Or maybe it is I, who is projected upon the conscious eyes of the world?

Every story, in time, becomes old.
All tales loose their power.
Forgotten in history.
Lost in the thin and fragile veil of memory.
All moving, always changing, seemingly never ending.
Always becoming ..something, someone else.