Good stretch of River


New member
Standing by a good stretch of river
Densely wooded on either side
Cold, clear swift moving water
Between falls and above settlement
Old river flowing, I am yours
Just as the heron, dace and trout

Knowing not words, but only sounds
It is said such places hold no desire
Having no spirit, having no purpose
Being held in compliance to man’s will
Upon more level ground below the falls
Man’s will put into play is sorely evident

It’s good to stand upon unleveled ground
Clear cold fast flow, not hearing a sound
Other than that of the wild and free
River embraced by steep banks and rises
Shaded late morning musings high above
All that eventually flows downstream

Any attempt conceived to describe in words
Falls fast far below wild chirping birds
Futile folly even before pen touches paper
In such places being only a small part
Ever soothes the soul and warms the heart
No better than the heron, dace and trout