Witness Testimony of 1952 Washington DC UFO's

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here is some great witness testimony on the sighting!

Video description:

The first happened in 1965-66 era and it was over the Potomac River only a couple of miles from the White House. My wife and I were on the GW parkway which runs along the Potomac river when I looked over the river and noticed a "strange" orange light moving in the same direction and at about the same speed as I. (about 40 MPH) I drove beside it for about a mile before I decided to speed up to get ahead of it so I could pull off at an overlook a couple of miles ahead and at least 100 feet higher in elevation. As I pulled over and jumped out I yelled to my wife to get out to see, she wanted nothing to do with it. By this time the light caught up to us now I was at the same elevation as the light. I thought that it was just over the middle of the river. It did not look like an object, it was just a dull glow maybe 5 to 8 feet in diameter. It continued up the river until it was out of my sight. This happened I believe around 11:00 PM.