Growing UFO activity in South America


Growing UFO activity in South America
Wednesday, February 11 Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The growing activity of UFO's (or Fast Walkers) is on the whole world to see. There are on the Internet more and more movies to find not identify objects.

In the following wonderful movie of 9 / 10 December, 2008, several ships in the air above the city of Santiago (Chile) approach. The video shows what a big 'mother' and other ships seem. The Chilean Air Force has indicated that the lights belonged to a show that was given in honor of Air Force pilots have successful, although not everyone will find this statement as conclusive.

Chile is actually a hotspot for sightings of UFO's, like many of its South American neighbors, and the Chilean Air Force has a special unit of the UFO phenomenon to investigate. If this video looks good, you will also notice that simply does not seem to put a squadron of air acrobats ... there is one that surprisingly similar to a disc shaped 'UFO appears.

What is certain is that if this film is not of Chile's best pilots ... this is one of the most amazing UFO appearances ever on video. It is possible that the Air Force and two aliens on the video are. Is the high price for the success of a Chilean Air Force pilot to fly together with extraterrestrial visitors?


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