Historic Lawsuit against Demonic Forces launched July 4th 2012

100th Monkey

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Quote from: SupportLocalScene
PRESS CONFERENCE REALITY Announcing a lawsuit to be filed next Monday against crimes of Church and State Worldwide in the Canadian federal courts. More info soon...


I just want to quote something from this video that I've never heard before:
"Innocent until broke!" As opposed to innocent until proven guilty. That's definitely the way it is here in Canada, at least in most countries their assigned a lawyer, in Canada if you go to court and you have no money to pay for a lawyer you're on your own. And you pretty much be judged as guilty.

Truth Vibrations

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Lawyers are another example of greed, for some reason people who understand the law seem to take great pleasure from taking advantage of helpless people requiring legal assistance.

In the end the only thing that really matters is not the size of your house, the type of car you drive, your education, how large your bank account is, it's the experience of life and sharing it with other members of our race as well as our planet and everything that's in it. You can take memories and experience with you, so shouldn't those memories and experiences be as positive as they possibly can? And shouldn't you strive to make the experiences of the people around you the same?

Unfortunately we need to totally change most of the systems on this planet and remove the evil cabal from power to create these positive experiences for children and any other life form that lives on this planet.


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Is there any follow up for this information anywhere? Can anyone pass on the guys name or contact. This is the first I have seen of this case and would like to follow it.
I would also like to ask what I could do to help