How about abandoning science and technology and create temples, churches and meditation communities instead?


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Let's remove all the science books and technology from Earth. Send them to outer space.Discard and forget science and let's build temples and churches to our gods all over the world.Let's devote entire cities to meditation. Change meditation groups into large meditation communities.You will see how pollution ceases to be, the water and the air becomes fresh and spirits bless usLet's invoke the gods and the energies of the spiritual world. Make Earth a garden of the gods.

Vash Killian

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Because without science and technology you wouldn't be able to build your ridiculous communities and temples, and so forth. Come back to reality.

Perchance LyssQ

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You're going to have a lot of trouble building all that stuff without your architects an engineers... They're generally into that science and technology stuff.Also, good luck growing crops without modern biology. It certainly can be done, but considering the trouble we have feeding people already...


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Ok but you keep the food commung, majkes sure I have a heater during the winter, I want my clothes to keep being avaible and I still like to keep my ps3 if you don't mind.
Sorry, you'll need to show some evidence these claimed "gods" exist, and these claimed "spirits" exist, before rational people will do so.Good luck with that.Peace.p.s. how are you going to send books to outer space without science, anyway? Hmm?


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You will see how life expectancy drops to 25, how death through childbirth rises to insane levels and how humanity dies off. Technology is humanity's sole advantage in the struggle for survival, this is the worst idea in existence.