How Do "You" "Know" Who The Good Guys Are?


Truth feeder
For example:

Take the Galactic Federation of Light:

Questions to Ask;

1) If these beings are supporting us in our Ascension then what is it they have to gain? Is It purely to serve and to give and by giving receive? If we were them would we help us and how would we do it?

2) Is there more than just the act of giving they expect to receive that we haven't been told about that the PTW have agreed to for us? Will these standing agreements carry any weight if we haven't personally agreed to it?

3) Are we to be herded up like good little sheep and then canned and bottled in Mechanical bodies and expected to fight wars as the Martians? Would this be the agenda of lower energy entities or those now circling the earth in the 5th Dimension. Would this even be possible for 4th and 5th dimension beings?

4) What harm will come to us by following our mentors?